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Yeti Pipeline Equipment Acquired by ISCO Industries

ISCO Industries Inc., a Louisville, Kentucky-based piping solutions provider, has acquired the assets of Yeti Pipeline Equipment LLC, including but not limited to, a utility patent related to the Yeti Trailer technology.

ISCO has plans to fully develop the Yeti Trailer for greater efficiency and use with various piping materials to include high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

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The Yeti Trailer allows the truck driver, through the use of a remote joystick and monitor located in the cab, to unload a full load of pipe, a single stick at a time, while driving the truck down the right of way. Because there is no need for an additional crew to manually pull each stick of pipe from the load on the trailer, the driver can remain in the safety of the truck cab. No operators or equipment are needed for lifting, sorting or stringing the pipe down on the right of way.

Checkout these photos of the Yeti trailer.

The Yeti Trailer also masters more challenging terrain. “We recognize that pipe handling can have a major impact on a pipeline project from an efficiency and safety standpoint. The Yeti Trailer technology and the way it allows pipe to be handled on a jobsite brings a new tool to ISCO’s customers allowing them to install pipe both more quickly and more safely,” said Robert Jones, vice president of product development.

“ISCO is committed to consistently adding new and innovative products and services,” explained Vince Tyra, president and CEO of ISCO Developing the concept of the Yeti Trailer is one more way we’re evolving to serve new markets. ISCO excels at providing inventive solutions based on our customer’s needs.”

The Yeti Trailer is currently designed to handle 4- to 36-in. HDPE pipe in varying lengths up to 53 ft. ISCO is a leading supplier of HDPE across the globe, making the Yeti Trailer an exciting addition to ISCO’s product offerings.

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