... Vacon NXP Drive Offers Energy Savings, Safety for Producers

Vacon NXP Drive Offers Energy Savings, Safety for Producers


Vacon has launched the NXP Drive, an AC drive system designed specifically for the complex processes and harsh environmental conditions of the oil and gas industry.

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VAC507_NXP_FR4_72dpiThe NXP Drive delivers energy savings through increased speed/motor control to any process in the industry, where pumpers and compressors often do not operate at an ideal level. That’s why AC Drives, like Vacon’s NXP, are rapidly replacing less efficient variable-speed mechanical devices in oil pumping. Another important benefit is the increased safety that improved motor control offers, reducing the likelihood of onsite accidents such as belt breaks and mechanical malfunctions.

More than 60 percent of functioning oil wells require assisted lifting technology to recover retrievable oil. Producers can significantly reduce energy use by using AC drives for more effective speed control in progressive cavity pumps (PCP), electric submersible pumps (ESP), beam pumps, reciprocating pumps and centrifugal pumps. Vacon AC drives are particularly well suited for heavy usage, from fluid flow control in PCP and beam pumps to customized pumping applications. AC drives are also used in the high-pressure systems for enhanced oil recovery in mature wells.

The Vacon NXP system drive’s configurable pre-engineered modules are based on air-cooled Vacon NXP and Vacon common DC bus products, comprising an extensive range of modules in a wide power range. The control and power sections in the modules are separated for greater safety. Auxiliary components, incoming devices, supply units and inverter modules are provided as separate pre-engineered sections.

Key benefits of Vacon’s NXP Drive:

  • Reduced mechanical stress leads to lowered maintenance costs.
  • Reduced energy consumption due to optimum pumping.
  • Minimized accumulation of solids.
  • Increased pumping capacity.
  • Dedicated 24/7 service solutions.
  • Electrical disturbances eliminated with harmonic RFI/EMI filtering.
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