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TT Technologies Releases New Directional Drill

TT Technologies recently introduced the new Grundodrill 18ACS to its directional drill lineup. The new, completely self-contained directional drill features a 162-hp Tier 4 Final Cummins Engine that provides 40,500 lbf thrust and pullback.

The unit is capable of bore lengths up to 1,300 ft with pipe diameters up to 20 in. The Grundodrill 18 ACS also offers advanced features like a wireless remote control, operator cabin with and interactive touchscreen, air conditioning and more.

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For more than 45 years TT Technologies has been among the leaders in trenchless technology beginning with pneumatic boring tools.

Today, with more than 200 patents worldwide, TT’s experience shows in trenchless applications ranging from pipe pulling, pipe ramming, pipe bursting, sliplining,\ and directional boring.

Contractors and municipalities alike benefit from tools that feature low maintenance, high reliability, with proven accuracy and profitability. Aging infrastructure including gas, water, sewer, telephone, and electrical lines and services are repaired or replaced daily using TT Technologies equipment.

A nationwide network of regional customer service offices and distribution locations assures products and expertise are always nearby. Comprehensive hands-on training seminars are held at the corporate offices in Aurora, IL as well as regional shows, seminars, and demonstrations throughout North America each year.


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