... Troy Construction Secures Galveston Bay Marine Pipeline Project

Troy Construction Secures Galveston Bay Marine Pipeline Project

Troy Construction has secured a new Galveston Bay marine pipeline project in Texas.

The multi-faceted project, which will include pipeline and facility construction, is set to begin at the end of November. It will consist of the implementation of 10.9 miles of 24-in. pipe in Galveston County, Texas, using an extensive amount of horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Specifically, an intercepting HDD will connect the land portion of the job to the marine portion.

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Troy Construction Galveston Bay Marine Pipeline

On the facility side of the equation, Troy’s facility division will install three meter facilities consisting of metering, provers, sample skids, launchers and receivers — as well as two mass loaded vinyl (MLV) sites and one connection facility. According to a Nov. 15 company statement, the project is expected to wrap up in June 2023.

Based in Houston, Troy Construction has been serving the pipeline industry by providing safe and efficient pipeline construction and maintenance for more than 70 years. The company was founded by Troy Dacus in 1950, and it has been led by the Dacus Family ever since.

Troy Dacus remained president until 1973 when his brother, Dale Dacus, took on the responsibility as the leader of Troy Construction. Dale steadily grew the company throughout the Greater Houston area, working in some of the most congested regions of the city. Dale remained President for 13 years, stepping down in 1986, where he remained vice president of operations until 1992, when he officially retired.

In 1986, David Dacus stepped up to fill his father’s role as president and CEO of Troy Construction. David saw and capitalized on an opportunity to grow Troy Construction while maintaining and improving the safety culture that surrounded Troy Construction. Currently, the company is led by president and CEO Taylor Dacus.

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