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Trenton Wax Tape Coating System

show-farwestOne of the most user-friendly and effective coating options for valves, flanges, fittings and straight pieces of pipe consists of a microcrystalline wax based primer and tape covered with a moisture cured fiberglass outerwrap. The integrity of the coating system can successfully withstand environments ranging from completely dry to underwater conditions.

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Using a coating system comprising of Trenton Temcoat 3000 Primer, Fill-Pro PM-GP Profiling Mastic, when necessary, #1 or #2 Wax Tape and MC Outerwrap provides long term anti-corrosion protection.

The pipe and flange assembly in the photo:
1. Was wire-brush cleaned;
2. A thin layer of Trenton Temcoat 3000 Primer was applied to displace moisture, aid tape adhesion to the pipe surface and provide anti-corrosion protection;
3 Fill-Pro PM-GP Profiling Mastic was applied to fill voids and create a smooth profile from the flange outside diameter to the pipe outside diameter;
4. #2 Wax Tape was wrapped around the pipe and flange assembly. Where the tape overlapped, it was pressed down, appearing almost seamless; and
5. Because the pipe had to be reburied, MC Outerwrap was wrapped over the #2 Wax Tape to anchor the coating to the pipe and provide mechanical protection.

Trenton Wax Tape products are distributed by Farwest Corrosion Control Co.

For more information,
visit www.farwestcorrosion.com.

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