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Crysteel Mfg. SelectCustom Dump BodiesCrysteel Mfg. SelectCustom Dump Bodies

Crysteel Mfg. Inc. Select custom dump bodies allow customers to essentially design their own dump body without incurring the extra cost and time normally associated with custom designed products.

Select dump bodies are available in traditional square body styles or elliptical bodies, in sizes ranging from 5- through 20-cu-yd capacities. Further options are available for tailgate design, side height, floor material and understructure design. A wide range of accessories complements the Select body program.

Crysteel Mfg. was founded in 1969 and has become one of the world’s leading hoist, platform and dump body producers. With more than 300 distributors worldwide, including all 50 states, Crysteel is known for its product innovations and dedication to quality.

For more information, visit crysteel.com.

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DuraClass HPT Tub Body LineDuraClass HPT Tub Body Line

DuraClass recently introduced the newly improved HPT “Tub” Body Line. The line has been redesigned to meet all heavy duty dump body needs.

The HPT-B1 features a closed fender design and comes in 14- to 18-ft lengths in either carbon steel or stainless steel. The HPT-B1 has capacity ranges from 10 to 20 yds. The HPT-B2 features an open fender design, which decreases the possible areas for rust and the overall body weight. The body comes in 10- and 11-ft lengths in 3/16-in. AR400 carbon steel, and 14- to 18-ft lengths in 3/16-in. Hi-Tensile carbon steel. The HPT-B2 also has an option for stainless steel.

DuraClass designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of premium Class 3 to 8 dump bodies, hoists and related equipment and offers more than 100 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

For more information,visit duraclass.com.

Felling Trailers RedesignedBi-fold Ramps OptionFelling Trailers RedesignedBi-fold Ramps Option

Felling Trailers has redesigned its hydraulic bi-fold ramp option. The newly designed ramp uses hydraulic power to extend an 11-ft bi-fold ramp to the ground without any contact with the ground. This bi-fold ramp, when used in conjunction with Felling’s double incline Beavertail creates an 8-in. load angle perfect for low-clearance machines. Felling Trailers hydraulic bi-fold ramps are available in 45-in. and full width option on all Low Pro Tag trailers and MX-Series Semi trailers.

Felling Trailers is a family owned and operated full line trailer manufacturer located in central Minnesota that was started in 1974 by Merle J. Felling. Felling Trailers Inc. has grown from a small shop to a factory and office complex that today covers more than200,000 sq ft.

Felling Trailers currently manufactures more than 3,500 trailers a year ranging from a 3,000-lb utility trailer to a 120,000-lb hydraulic gooseneck trailer, and its standard trailer line includes more than220 models.

For more information, visit felling.com.

Maats/Liebherr Welding Crawler CarrierMaats/Liebherr Welding Crawler Carrier

The Liebherr Welding Tractors are ideal carriers for both manual and (semi) automatic pipeline welding equipment. The robust machines are manufacturedby Maats and Liebherr, using a Liebherr bulldozer asa base machine.

The crawler tractor base machine provides an outstanding stability, great torque and excellent grip that allows the machine to carry out work in all possible terrain conditions. The machines’ hydrostatic drive has an extensive and sophisticated hydraulic system in which all attachments (generator, HIAB crane, air compressor) are efficiently integrated, eliminating the need for a separate power source.

The fully-hydraulic-driven concept guarantees the most stable power-supply, providing a constant high-level weld quality.
With various options and capacities available of the well-balanced, durable attachments (e.g. generator, crane, compressor, welding sources), the machines can be highly optimized to customer specific requirements. The electrical, hydraulic and air sources supply power for all purposes, making the Welding Tractor a versatile machine that is often used for multiple applications.

The high quality materials and heavy-duty components used throughout the design ensure maximum reliability and economy. The machine comes with full Liebherr guarantee, meaning that service and parts are available from every Liebherr service point in the world.

For more information, visit matts.com.

PLM/Prinoth Panther CrawlersPLM/Prinoth Panther Crawlers

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), a global Cat dealer, presents a new custom equipment solution to the pipeline industry — the Panther T8 and T12 by Prinoth. As the latest innovation in a low ground pressure crawler, the Panther T8 / T12 operates in off-road and various weather conditions offering exceptional performance and versatility.

The Panther T8/T12 combines the proven capabilities of the Cat C7 and C7.1 ACERT engine model respectively, with the industry expertise in off-road vehicles by Prinoth. Built with a widened chassis to accept virtually all implements without any modifications, PLM makes both models available in three applications; crane with flat-bed (fixed or tilting), a dump box and a continuous powered welding solution with a hydraulic slewing canopy.

Providing the highest payload in its class, the Panther T8 has a payload of 16,000 lbs and the T12 has a payload of 25,000 lbs. The Panther T8 has a ground pressure of 4.09 psi and the Panther T12 as 5.95 psi, both fully loaded, making difficult types of terrain accessible. Together with a strong pull ratio, these features allow this carrier crawler to access your pipeline construction site, even if the terrain is difficult, without damage to the environment.

For more information,visit plmcat.com or prinoth.com.

Rugby Mfg. WildcatRancher BodyRugby Mfg. WildcatRancher Body

The Rugby Wildcat Rancherbody’s heavy-duty construction is designed to stand up to tough job sites and difficult working conditions. Equipped with convenient, timesaving features, the Wildcat Rancher is well suited for the oilfield, as well as other highly demanding construction applications.

A 3/16-in. steel tread plate floor, a 12-gauge smooth steel rear apron, a reinforced hitch plate and 12-gauge skirting below body provide durability and reliability. The Rugby Wildcat Rancher HD is available in 9-ft, 3-in. and 11-ft, 3-in. lengths, with a 96-in. outside width. The body comes standard with tool boxes incorporated into the body on each side (24x18x18 in.). An optional rear tool box is also available (12x16x18 in.). A complete set of 8-in. side sections, using the outside stake pockets, is also available.

Rugby backs each of its dump bodies with a three-year warranty. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3 to 5 dump bodies, landscape bodies, platforms and related truck equipment and accessories.

For more information, visit rugbymfg.com.

Talbert Mfg. 65FG Oil Field TrailerTalbert Mfg. 65FG Oil Field Trailer

Talbert Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of heavy-haul trailers, designed the 65FG Oil Field trailers with features that make equipment loading fast and efficient, and provide exceptional versatility. Talbert manufactured the 65FG to stand up to the demanding schedule and rough terrain of the oil fields.

The trailer features a high-arch profile that provides enough space to prevent contact between the tractor and the bottom of the gooseneck. Extra welds in the trailer’s cross members provide excellent durability during bumpy off-road transportation. The 65FG is equipped with a winch and tail rollers to make loading generators, compressors or other equipment onto the deck easy and efficient.

Optional pop-up rollers are also available to aid the loading process. Weevil pins line the sides of the trailers and serve as vertical rollers to guide equipment onto the trailer. The trailer also has two pairs of pipe pockets so operators can insert large vertical stakes for stability when hauling pipe sections. The 5-axle, 65-ton, fixed-gooseneck trailer is 59 ft long, not including the tail roller, and 8 ft, 6 in. wide. It is rated for 120,000 lbs in 16 ft or 130,000 lbs distributed evenly throughout the deck. The 65FG is part of Talbert’s larger line of oil field trailers that it can customize to any specifications.

For more information, visit talbertmfg.com.

Terramac RT9 Rubber Track Crawler CarrierTerramac RT9 Rubber Track Crawler Carrier

The versatile Terramac RT9 rubber track crawler carrier is now available with a personnel carrier. With a maximum capacity of 25 people, this unit is ideal for transporting crews working on pipelines where terrain can pose obstacles for wheeled vehicles.

In addition to carrying crews, the RT9 can handle a wide variety of jobs on the pipeline such as hauling mats to create more stable working environments for larger construction equipment or carrying full service tac units for enhanced welding conditions. The Terramac crawler carrier is also used for drilling, material handling and site investigation applications on oil and gas construction projects. The crawler carrier can be easily outfitted with a variety of tools and equipment, such as bark blowers, cranes, sandblasters and vacuum excavators to assist with pipeline construction.

The low operating weight of 26,000 lbs and a maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 lbs make the Terramac RT9 the largest mid-sized rubber track carrier that does not require special oversize permitting to transport the machine. Available for sale or rent, the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier can be ordered from the factory with the correct body configuration to accept custom accessories.

For more information, visit terramac.com.

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