... Terramac Launches New RT14R Rotating Crawler Carrier

Terramac Takes New RT14R Rotating Crawler Carrier on North American Tour

Terramac partnered with its North American dealer network to launch a tow and show for its new 360-degree rotating unit, the RT14R. It unveiled the new model and kicked-off the tour in April with an event at its Elburn, Illinois, headquarters.

Terramac RT14R in the woods

Shafer Equipment in West Virginia was one of the stops on Terramac’s tour of the new RT14R.

Following its debut, the RT14R embarked on a 6-week trip to be showcased to current customers and prospects throughout Terramac’s U.S. and Canadian dealer network. Attendees of each event learned about the RT14R’s features and benefits by Terramac representatives, and participated in a live demonstration.

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“The tow and show is a great way to introduce the RT14R to end-users by providing them with a hands-on experience,” says Matt Slater, director of sales for Terramac. “We’re extremely excited about this new product and eager to demonstrate how the rotational functionality improves efficiency, safety and jobsite cost savings.”

One of the stops on the calendar was Clendenin, West Virginia for a two day Tow & Show stop with Shafer Equipment. As Terramac’s first dealer, Shafer Equipment has built phenomenal relationships over the years with numerous crawler carrier customers within the pipeline industry, and we were pleased to provide them with the opportunity to demo and experience the new RT14R unit.

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“The RT14R’s rotation is ideal for working on confined space slip repair jobs,” said Barry Casto, general manager, Shafer Equipment. “In addition, the unit can work on reclamation projects as it does not cause tremendous ground disturbance by rotating its tracks.”

Terramac Rotating in the Woods

The Terramac RT14R’s rotation is ideal for working on confined spaces like a pipeline right of way.

Contractors and operators saw the demo and instantly approved of the 360-degree rotating upper frame on the RT14R. Many feel this new crawler carrier design will be a useful tool for streamlining their pipeline padding process. The RT14R would allow operators to haul materials and evenly dump loads directly into the pipeline trenches. With the RT14R, this entire process can be done while moving thus eliminating the need for a secondary piece of equipment which will save the contractor time and money. The ability to offload materials at any angle without counter rotating the tracks contributes to a longer undercarriage life on the RT14R since it reduces the amount of wear and tear the unit receives from frequent turning.

“We’ve been looking for a 360 degree machine for our general construction and pipeline slip projects because space is very limited,” says Kenny Newhouse, of K&N Contracting, at the Shafer Equipment event. “Some of these areas are so tight you can’t turn a machine around. We like RT14R 360 degree rotating feature as well as its carrying capacity. We think this machine will do well hauling material up and over hills on our projects.”

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Manufactured in the United States, the RT14R is made entirely of premium components. Built with a rotating upper frame, the Terramac RT14R can carry and dump up to 28,000-lbs. of material at any position, allowing it to offload materials faster than a standard straight frame unit. Equipped with tracks that don’t need to be counter rotated the RT14R dumps material without tearing up the ground, reducing environmental damage and land restoration costs. The 40,000-lb. machine is also powered by a QSL9.0 320-hp Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine to boost jobsite productivity while remaining highly fuel efficient. And, its minimal 7.9-psi ground pressure while fully-loaded enables it to conquer soft or wet ground conditions and mountainous terrain.

In addition, Terramac’s new unit provides users with increased safety and easy maintenance. The RT14R enhances jobsite safety with full visibility from cab and by eliminating the amount of time an operator spends in reverse. Downtime is reduced with easy access to maintenance checks and track wear is significantly less as the unit can spin, resulting in reduced expenses for repairs.

Visit terramac.com to find a Terramac RT14R dealer near you.


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