... Technology Companies Join to Improve Service to Oil, Gas Industry

Technology Companies Join to Improve Service to Oil, Gas Industry

Two technology firms have joined forces to provide improved software and information tools to the oil and gas industry. Enterprise software developer Seven Lakes Technologies and information management firm Noah Consulting announced a strategic alliance in which Noah Consulting will provide implementation and data management services for Seven Lakes Technologies’ clients.

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“We are pleased to be partnering with Noah Consulting,” said Shiva Rajagopalan, CEO of Seven Lakes Technologies “Their reputation in the industry is unmatched. They have the expertise required to make our products even more effective for our customers.”

The goal of the new alliance is to provide the oil and gas industry tools that allow them drive down lifting costs and ultimately make better capital allocation decisions. One such application will be Seven Lakes Technologies’ Well Lifecycle Manager product. The application helps manage and maintain well master data that is critical to an exploration and production (E&P) organization.

The insights gained from implementing the Well Lifecycle Manager product can be extremely valuable to organizations, but gathering and using data successfully requires a thorough set up process, according to Rajagopalan. As Seven Lakes Technologies’ implementation partner, Noah Consulting will help guide companies through the process and seamlessly help companies establish how data will work and ensure their company are using the best data to provide the best results.

“Seven Lakes Technologies’ rich applications combined with our industry knowledge and technical expertise across a vast ecosystem of enterprise and oil and gas specific applications, will enable companies to leverage knowledge already within their companies to make smarter, more profitable decisions faster,” said John Ruddy, CEO of Noah Consulting.

Through this alliance, Noah Consulting and Seven Lakes Technologies will collaborate from solution development through delivery. Together the two companies provide a complete solution that combines innovative software with best-in-class services, including process integration, implementation, and ongoing support.

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