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TC Energy Selects Precision Pipeline to Help Construct Keystone XL Pipeline

Eau Claire, Wisconsin-based Precision Pipeline LLC (PPL), a MasTec Inc. company, has been awarded a contract from TC Energy Corp. for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Montana and South Dakota.

“We are extremely proud to put PPL employees and more than 1,600 American union members to work on completing this important infrastructure project, which will also provide a boost to local economies along the project route,” said PPL president Bobby Poteete in a Jan. 5 statement. “As a Wisconsin business, we’re proud to be awarded such a large contract for a significant North American infrastructure project and we look forward to working with TC Energy, local communities and businesses to bring Keystone XL to life.”

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MasTec CEO José R. Mas said the project was “critical” for energy infrastructure development.

“We are proud to be associated with such a well-thought-out project that has evolved into being inclusive to all its constituents,” he said. “With a significant equity investment by the Indigenous communities and a commitment to construct the project with an all-union workforce in the U.S., Keystone XL is a critical infrastructure project that has evolved significantly over the last few years. Today, Keystone XL is one of the most diversified infrastructure projects in this country.”

PPL will be responsible for hiring an estimated 1,600 union workers over the two-year construction period. 

“We are committed to hiring locally and giving priority to qualified local and Indigenous businesses, and strive to be a leader in promoting opportunities,” said Michael Hyke, vice president of Midwest Operations at PPL.

According to TC Energy, in addition to job creation, the Keystone XL Pipeline Project is expected to contribute $55 million in annual property tax revenues, with millions in economic benefits going directly to education and essential community services alone. PPL is 100 percent committed to safety, the communities it works in and to being part of something bigger than the project.

“With added focus on improving the health and safety of our environment, our people and overall well-being of the communities we work in, we truly make a difference during the construction of each infrastructure project and beyond,” added Poteete.

Precision Pipeline was founded in 2004 by Steve Rooney and Dan Murphy. Veterans of the industry, Murphy and Rooney maximized their work relationships to build the premier pipeline construction company in just five short years. In 2009, PPL joined the MasTec. group of infrastructure companies to be its premier union oil and gas service line.  

TC Energy Launches Binding Open Season for the Keystone Pipeline System

In related news, TC Energy launched an open season on Jan. 6 to solicit binding commitments for crude oil transportation services on the Keystone Pipeline System from Hardisty, Alberta, to Patoka, Illinois.

Interested parties may submit binding bids for transportation capacity during the open season that will close at 12 p.m. MT on Feb. 19. Additional information regarding the open season is available online or by contacting liquids_pipelines@tcenergy.com.  

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