... Tallgrass’ Pony Express Pipeline Secures Shipper for Platteville Extension

Tallgrass’ Pony Express Pipeline Secures Shipper for Platteville Extension in Colorado

Tallgrass Energy Partners LP continues to pursue an extension of its Pony Express pipeline in northeastern Colorado. The company secured one committed shipper for its proposed Platteville Extension, but is seeking more.

Through its subsidiary Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline LLC, the company announced June 1 a binding open season to solicit additional shipper commitments for light crude petroleum transportation service on the potential extension of the Pony Express System.

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The proposed Platteville Extension would provide transportation service from a receipt point near Platteville in Weld County, Colorado. The pipeline extension would include a receipt point located at Saddle Butte Pipeline’s Milton Terminal near Platteville, among other potential receipt points.

Shippers will have access to delivery points at four different locations: 1.) Buckingham, Colorado, 2.) El Dorado, Kansas, 3) Ponca City, Oklahoma and 4) Pony’s six final terminal destinations in Cushing, Oklahoma, under a Local Tariff that may accommodate additional delivery points in the future.

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The light crude petroleum, also known as condensate, will be batched in the pipeline. Participating shippers will agree to ship petroleum having an API gravity of not less than 47 degrees or more than 57 degrees and a sulfur content not to exceed 0.2 percent.

Based upon shipper commitments received in this binding open season, Pony Express will add new capacity to provide the transportation service from Colorado to Oklahoma. Pony Express expects the open season to end on July 17.

Interested parties may review the details of the open season after executing a confidentiality agreement obtained by contacting Tallgrass representatives Kyle Quackenbush at (303) 763-3319 or Dean Dick at (307) 232-4430. For more information, visit the Tallgrass website at www.tallgrassenergy.com.

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