... Starwood Energy, BerQ RNG to Invest in Renewable Natural Gas Projects

Starwood Energy, BerQ RNG to Invest in Renewable Natural Gas Projects in U.S., Canada

Starwood Energy Group Global LLC announced Sept. 7 that it has entered into an investment partnership with BerQ RNG Inc., a premier developer of renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the United States and Canada.

The new platform will develop and acquire RNG projects in all stages, ranging from early development to operating projects. The platform is majority owned by Starwood Energy and will operate under the name “BerQ RNG.”

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Based in Oakville, Ontario, BerQ employs an experienced team of developers with a diverse background across substrates, geographies and technologies. The company’s current pipeline of RNG projects spans through landfill gas, animal waste and wastewater. As a part of the transaction, BerQ will contribute its projects, team and development expertise and Starwood Energy will contribute its existing farm-based RNG investments and fund the platform.

“We are excited to partner with a thoughtful investor like Starwood Energy,” said Bas van Berkel, founder and CEO of BerQ. “This investment provides a great opportunity to build a premium RNG platform organization and execute more projects with farmers, landfill owners and the industry overall. We are looking forward to working with other developers in the sector and helping to fund and accelerate their projects. We hope that the combination of being a good partner and providing reliable capital and in-depth expertise will result in a number of successful partnerships.”

The partnership expands Starwood Energy’s business in the renewables sector, said Alex Daberko, a managing director at Starwood Energy.

“The BerQ leadership has spent their careers in the biogas and recycling space where they have achieved a successful track record and positioned BerQ to become a leader across multiple subsectors comprising RNG,” Daberko said. “This investment further enhances Starwood Energy’s capabilities in, and commitment to, the renewable fuels sector more broadly.”

Himanshu Saxena, CEO of Starwood Energy, commented, “Starwood Energy has been at the forefront of making investments in the energy transition space driven by our ESG objectives and the goals of our investors. We believe that the renewable fuels space offers tremendous opportunity and we are continuing to seek partnerships with developers and owners. We welcome BerQ to the Starwood family of companies.”

About Starwood Energy

Starwood Energy is a private equity investment firm based in Greenwich, CT that specializes in energy infrastructure investments. Through its existing general opportunity funds and affiliated investment vehicles, Starwood Energy has raised in excess of $3 billion of equity capital and has executed transactions totaling more than $8 billion in enterprise value. For more information, please visit starwoodenergygroup.com.

About BerQ RNG

BerQ RNG is a developer of RNG projects across North America with a portfolio of projects in development and execution, helping dairy farms, municipalities, and Fortune 500 companies to reduce their environmental impact and create economic value. For more information, please visit berqrng.com

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