... SkyX to Provide Aerial Monitoring to Denbury Pipeline, Energy Assets  

SkyX to Provide Aerial Monitoring to Denbury Pipeline, Energy Assets

Toronto, Canada-based SkyX, a leading provider of global aerial data solutions for infrastructure assets, and Denbury Onshore LLC, a subsidiary of Denbury Inc., have entered into a multi-year asset monitoring agreement.

Under the agreement, SkyX will deploy a fleet of long-range aerial unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) to monitor portions of Denbury’s extensive enhanced oil recovery (EOR) asset base and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) pipeline infrastructure in the Gulf Coast. The UAVs will acquire high-quality aerial data, that when processed and analyzed by SkyX’s innovative SkyVision software, will provide a clear, detailed snapshot of asset health and environmental conditions surrounding these assets.

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“SkyX provides a reliable and consistent inspection method that helps to protect our customers’ assets and the environment,” said Didi Horn, founder and CEO of SkyX, in an Aug. 18 company statement. “The partnership with Denbury represents an important industry step toward more sophisticated and environmentally conscious asset inspection and monitoring practices. Denbury’s strategic focus on safety and environment is consistent with our vision to provide long-range asset monitoring through the energy transition.”

With repetitive monitoring, the captured data will then be aggregated and used in machine learning processes that provide benchmark information designed to enhance preventive maintenance programs. This improved asset accessibility and visibility is achieved with low carbon impact UAV technology, a departure from traditional emission production inspection vehicles such as trucks, planes and helicopters.

“After evaluating other drone-as-a-service solutions, we believe that the advantages of partnering with SkyX are significant, including expertise in long-range UAV technology and in-depth analysis of high-quality aerial data,” said David Sheppard, Denbury’s senior vice president of operations. “Utilizing this data-driven, machine learning approach is a great addition to our comprehensive asset integrity program and is another way that we can protect both our assets and the areas where we operate. Together, we’re leading the next generation of asset integrity.”

About SkyX
SkyX has been revolutionizing the way aerial data is acquired, analyzed and actioned since 2016. Their mission is to arm infrastructure asset companies across the globe with unique, actionable, long range aerial data on an ongoing basis. With this intelligence, these companies are empowered to take a proactive approach to asset integrity and ultimately ensure the health and safety of people and the planet. SkyX has a broad global presence with customers in North America, South America and Africa.

About Denbury
Denbury is an independent energy company with operations and assets focused on CCUS and EOR in the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions. For more than two decades, the company has maintained a unique strategic focus on utilizing carbon dioxide in its EOR operations and since 2012 has also been active in CCUS through the injection of captured industrial-sourced carbon dioxide. Denbury currently injects more than 3 million tons of captured industrial-sourced carbon dioxide annually, and its objective is to fully offset its Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon dioxide emissions within this decade, primarily through increasing the amount of captured industrial-sourced carbon dioxide used in its operations.

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