... Seppi M. Updates Starforst Forestry Mulching Attachment

Seppi M. Updates Starforst Forestry Mulcher

Seppi M., the mulching equipment manufacturer founded by Max Seppi in 1939, is revolutionizing its designs with the arrival of a third generation. The Starforst model, which has been popular for more than 10 years, has undergone major changes.

The Seppi M. Starforst, with its new overall working width, is perfectly suited to tractors and road traffic. The Starforst is relaunched with working widths of 83, 93 and 102 in. Every inch of the tractor’s width is covered, and the ground is worked uniformly.

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In addition to restyling the design and tilting system of the Adam transmission, already found on the standard version, the forestry machine has been further equipped against wear. Inside the casing there are anti-wear plates in Hardox material, which can be substituted. This feature has already been applied to Seppi M. stone crushers and tillers. In addition, the protection belts with material deflector and tempered steel anti-wear skids offer further protection to the machine.

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The transmission has been strengthened and is now suitable for tractors from 180 to 300 hp. Seppi M. offers a solution for every class of tractors. Our forestry equipment is available from 80 to 500 hp. Most of our forestry machines are also available in a hydraulic version, for attaching to excavators, wheel loaders, or high-powered tractor hydraulics.

Another innovation, is the decision by Seppi M. to introduce a new rotor shaft with tools with a single tooth in very aggressive carbide. The Mono Tip V-Lock rotor is more efficient on large logs and thicker wood.

The V-Lock, a new system of tools is also being introduced. The advantages of the new Mono Tip V-Lock rotor include: less rotor wear, better balancing, easier tool changes and optimized connection between tool and holder.

Seppi M V-LockHow does V-Lock work?

Fixed tools, currently used on SEPPI M. forestry mulchers and tillers, have so far been screwed onto the flat surface of the support and distinguished by two rear side wings. The new V-Lock system changes the tool’s shape to a “V,” thereby modifying the support that hosts it. In this way, the tool is attached more firmly to the support. In addition, the single tungsten carbide tooth, with a sharper point, is more aggressive.

Today, the forestry segment has become Seppi M.’s most important sector. A range of Seppi forestry equipment is being used to carry out different types of work in forests all around the world:

Small and medium sized forestry mulchers are ideal for the removal of branches and shrubs, as well as cleaning along forest paths. The models are: Miniforst, Midiforst and Midiforst dt. This range of medium and high-power forestry equipment cuts down and mulches trees, wood after harvest and milled stumps, eliminating rotten and broken wood as well as damage caused by bad weather conditions and forest fires. These mulcher models are suitable for creating pathways and firebreaks.  The line also includes the Starforst, Superforst and Maxiforst models.

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