... New RFID Option Makes Battery Operated Barriers More Versatile

New RFID Option Makes Battery Operated Barriers More Versatile

Battery Operated Barriers provides portable safety gates to the energy industry. The company has announced the addition of RFID technology to its product for added versatility.

The RFID option is a fully automatic technology that opens the gate as an authorized vehicle approaches, eliminating the need for any action on the part of the driver.

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The remote-controlled, solar-powered security gates are designed to keep unauthorized vehicles out of any site. The safety gates are 100 percent self-contained, instantly deployed, can be used in any environment and often reduce or eliminate the need for a gate guard.

Battery Operated Barriers

Currently used by most oil and gas companies, the safety gates have standard features that include a reflective arm and tower for night duty, adjustable levelers, security anchor points, high-impact urethane coating, enclosed battery box and ultra-heavy duty components.

Battery Operated Barriers has numerous options like a trailer mount, wired control, radio control, auto exit sensors, keypad/card options among others. Powered by a common deep cycle marine battery, the solar panel offers hundreds of cycles daily while leaving the battery full for nighttime use.

The idea for Battery Operated Barriers was formed shortly after 9/11 by a former small-town police chief turned inventor. The concept was simple: make an autonomous, easily transported and deployed, remote-controlled security gate to minimize soldier’s exposure to IED’s and other threats. After refining the concept, the U.S. Air force and Coast Guard began using them in the United States, with the Army using them in Iraq.

Eventually, domestic corporations began purchasing them for use at remote sites, security posts, for parking, emergencies, simple traffic control and numerous other applications. They are currently in use at mines, refineries, chemical plants, in oil exploration and construction, among dozens of others.

For additional information, visit batteryoperatedbarrier.com or email dennis@scaleproductsusa.com.

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