... Like New: Restoration Equipment Renews Pipeline Rights of Way

Like New: Restoration Equipment Renews Pipeline Rights of Way

As contractors face tighter demands to build pipelines faster, safer and more efficiently, padding machines provide a solution that has become the standard way to backfill trenches. When a pipeline project is complete, equipment such as hydroseeders, hydromulchers and straw blowers turn a battered right of way into a scenic landscape.

Epic Mfg. (Easy Lawn)

9599 Nanticoke Business Park Dr. • Greenwood, DE 19950 • sales@epicmanufacturing.comepicmanufacturing.com

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Epic Mfg.About the Company: EPIC MANUFACTURING offers a complete line of HydroSeeding, HydroMulching, and Straw Blowing Equipment used by Site Contractors, Erosion Control Contractors, Energy & Pipeline Contractors, and many other companies and agencies around the world to establish vegetation, control erosion, and mitigate dust.

We offer a complete line of HydroMulching Equipment with Hydraulic Paddle Agitation ranging in size from 900 gallons to 4,000 gallons and Straw Blowing Equipment with production rates from 4 to 20 tons per hour. This puts Epic in a unique position to design a solution that will truly fit your specific needs and budget.

Epic Mfg. specs

Superior Mfg.

2200 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. 1400 • Houston, TX 77056 • pipelinena@wwmach.comsuperiormftg.com

Superior Mfg.About the Company: Superior Mfg. is the manufacturing division of Worldwide Group, a family of companies servicing the energy, infrastructure and mining industries. Superior manufactures a wide range of pipeline specialty equipment including pipelayers, padding machines, pipe benders, vacuum lifts, welder tractors, pipe carriers and a wide ranges of accessories. The equipment is distributed by Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division.

Superior Mfg. designs and builds several padding solutions to meet various challenges and working conditions.

Superior Mfg. specs

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