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Report Predicts Continued Growth of Gas for Power Generation

Ziff Energy released a report on July 15 that analyzes six fuel components of power generation: natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, oil and renewable sources. The report provides a power generation outlook to 2020 for 6 U.S. regions and for each Canadian province by fuel type.

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“Natural gas-fired generation will continue to grow at 1.3 percent per year as it maintains an overall market share in an expanded 2020 market,” concluded Cameron Gingrich, director of gas services at Ziff Energy and lead author of the report. “On a marginal dispatch basis, coal is expected to compete with gas in some areas of the U.S. Southeast.”

According to Ziff Energy’s outlook, the power generation plant base will favor natural gas rather than coal as a source of fuel in North America.

Ziff Energy Group, a leading global energy consulting firm, recently celebrated its 30th year of client service. Ziff Energy provides upstream performance assessment/improvement and custom consulting to the worldwide energy industry in more than 40 countries, and natural gas consulting services in North America. The firm has offices in Calgary and Houston, the primary oil and gas centers in North America.

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