... Product Snapshot: Tesmec Trenchers

Product Snapshot: Tesmec Trenchers

The Tesmec M3  digging in  Pennsylvania

The Tesmec M3 digging in Pennsylvania

Since the introduction of the M3 Mechanical treching machine in 2010, Tesmec USA Inc. has seen tremendous success. In fact, the Marcellus and Utica shale plays have proven to be a perfect fit for the M3 high performance mechanical trencher. The Tesmec M3 is a heavy duty chainsaw designed to cut trenches in rocky terrain for pipeline and underground utility construction. Primary power is from a turbocharged 350-hp Caterpillar C9 ACERT Tier 3 diesel engine. The unit incorporates a two-speed crawler-drive that provides variable speed regulation traveling forward or in reverse. The digging chain is mechanically driven through an electronically controlled transmission driving a differential and multi-strand chain and sprockets, providing some of the highest levels of chain pull with the slowest chain speed in the trenching industry today. All other major functions are hydraulically powered, including all boom and conveyor belt functions. Tesmec’s Mechanical trenchers product line also includes the M5HD. Powered by a 440-hp Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier 3 engine, the M5HD can dig up to 42 in. wide and 16 ft deep. Contractors all over the United States have come to rely on both the M5HD and M3HD when looking for a hard rock trencher.

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Tesmec’s new 775 DT at work

Tesmec’s new 775 DT at work

Tesmec has recently introduced a new Dirt Trencher, the 775DT. This machine is available in both a chainsaw and bucket wheel configuration. It has an overall weight of less than 50,000 lbs and is TrenchTronic 3.0-equipped. The 775DT fills a need in several markets for a lighter weight, highly capable trencher that is easy to transport. Jobsite reports have yielded productivity rates up to 55 ft per minute. The strength of its frame makes the 775DT suitable for trenching through highly fractured loose materials, highly compacted soils and permafrost. The 775DT Chainsaw is designed for a maximum digging depth of 8 ft with a maximum cut width of 24 in., while the 775DT Bucket Wheel is designed for a maximum dig depth of 6 ft, 6 in. with a maximum cut width of 30 in.

In order to maintain its competitive edge, Tesmec is continually updating the performance and capabilities of its equipment. TrenchTronic 3.0 is the latest innovation within the trencher product line that accomplishes the goals of improved performance and ease of use. This new operating system allows even inexperienced operators the ability to operate the machines at a high level and helps improve overall production and performance.

As a commitment to the growth of the pipeline business in North America, Tesmec continues to focus on the immediate and future needs of its customers. One such example is the recent development of the Tesmec Rental Fleet. The development of the rental business has become the main high performance rental source for pipeline contractors, custom cutters and general contractors for their short and medium term high performance trencher needs. Tesmec boasts a large and ever expanding rental fleet consisting of chain saws, bucket wheels and rock saws to meet the ever growing demand of today’s customers and market requirements. In addition, Tesmec provides innovative leasing and financing options to meet the needs of its customers.

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