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Product Showcase: Excavators

showcase-caseCase CX350C Hydraulic Excavator

The CX350C from Case Construction Equipment improves fuel economy by as much as 15 percent, offers 5 percent faster cycle times and provides greater power and performance when compared to previous models. The excavator features Tier 4 Interim-certified cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology that burns cleaner while delivering superior horsepower.

Featuring an operating weight of 80,000 lbs, the CX350C offers up to 6 percent more lift capacity, as well as advanced Case technologies that optimize power and efficiency, including Boom Economy Control, Auto Economy Control, Swing Relief Control and Spool Stroke Control. The Intelligent Hydraulic System technology also reduces total fuel consumption and improves performance.

The CX350C offers operators smooth and easy control and maneuverability. The cab provides 7 percent more space and 25 percent more airflow. The excavator also includes a standard air-suspension seat and an in-cab auxiliary hydraulic setting system with a new option for 10 memory-recall settings to make tool changes quick and easy for operators. Extended service intervals (500-hour engine oil change intervals, 5,000-hour hydraulic oil change intervals and 1,000-hour greasing intervals) help reduce operating costs.

Critical stats: 266 hp (net); 26-ft, 8-in. digging depth; 55,840-lbf bucket digging force and 47,435-lbf arm digging force.

For more information, visit www.casece.com.

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HitachiHitachi ZX470LC-5

When you operate a Hitachi excavator, you’ll quickly realize that the machines are unlike others in the marketplace. That’s because by focusing only on excavators, the company compromise on nothing.

The ZX470LC-5 combines power, performance, fuel efficiency, improved hydraulics and reliability into a versatile package. Loaded with numerous customer-driven features, it delivers superior productivity and durability, while keeping operating costs low.

The ZX470LC-5 is part of Hitachi’s popular Dash-5 line. Dash-5 excavators combine horsepower with optimized hydraulics for bigger arm- and bucket-digging forces. The machines deliver superior productivity and durability, while keeping operating cost low. This allows operators to be more efficient and get more work done in less time.

Key features:
• Fuel-efficient Tier 4 Interim emission-certified Isuzu diesel engine delivers power without compromise in all conditions.
• Generous flow, arm force and swing torque help speed cycles and keep the job on schedule.
• Low-effort joysticks, a highly efficient HVAC system and plenty of storage space will keep operators comfortable.
• Machine Information Center (MIC) captures vital machine performance and usage data.
• Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise fingertip control with less movement or effort.

For more information, visit www.hitachiconstruction.com.

showcase-hyundaiHyundai R480LC-9A

Hyundai Construction Equipment’s new R480LC-9A hydraulic excavator is powered by a low emission, low noise, Cummins Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIB QSX11.9 engine (352 net hp). Boasting an operating weight of 108,420 lbs (49.2 metric tons), the R480LC-9A has a maximum dig depth of 27 ft, 9 in. and a bucket digging force of 54,950 lbs.

The R480LC-9A comes with a redesigned hydraulic system which provides the operator with super fine touch and improved controllability. The new cab design has improved structure strength and many features that work together for enhanced visibility compared to previous models.

Inside the cab, operators will enjoy the ability to fully customize the seat, console and armrest settings to best fit their needs. Standard amenities of the R480LC-9A include heated seats, additional space, enhanced climate control system and an advanced audio system with USB player, AM/FM stereo and MP3 capabilities.

The R480LC-9A comes standard with a newly designed color LCD display cluster with easy to read digital gauges for monitoring temperature, fuel levels and other maintenance items. Also standard is the Hi-mate Remote Management System, which allows operators and dealer service personnel to access a machine’s vital service and diagnostic information from anywhere with internet access.

For more information, visit www.hceamericas.com.


The JS220 excavator is the first JCB excavator model over 20 tons to feature the company’s innovative and highly efficient Ecomax diesel engine. The 4.8-liter engine delivers 172 hp and is equipped with 29,000 psi fuel injection, a variable geometry turbo charger and full electronic engine control for a 10 percent cut in fuel consumption and improved engine responsiveness. As with all JCB Ecomax engines, the clean burn technology eliminates the need for a costly diesel particulate filter (DPF) or other expensive after-treatments.

Because there’s no need for a DPF, JCB has been able to retain reduced engine cover lines on the JS220 for improved visibility. A new cooling fan cuts fuel use and reduces noise. A revised boom and dipper arm with deeper steel sections and castings in key pivot points enhances the JS220’s durability. As a result, the JS220 offers reduced ownership costs for the customer.

The JS220 features improved operator comfort with a standard 7-in. color monitor, enhanced JCB LiveLink functionality and JCB’s Tool Select attachment system. The monitor is easy to read in all light conditions and provides operators with customizable home screens. The LiveLink telematics system gives fleet managers and machine owners additional data to help them reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

For more information, visit www.jcbna.com.

John DeereJohn Deere 350G LC

Equipped with a Tier 4 Interim engine, the John Deere 350G LC boasts 271 hp and weighs in at 76,557 lbs. The 35-metric ton machine comes equipped with Deere’s exclusive Powerwise III engine management system and features a maximum digging depth of 26 ft, 10 in. Responding to customer needs, the 350G LC features more hydraulic flow for faster works cycles and greater productivity, and a comfortable and spacious cab for improved operator comfort. In addition, the 350G LC has multiple attachment options for today’s jobsite.

The wide expanse of glass, narrow cab posts and numerous mirrors provide nearly unobstructed, all-around visibility in the cab of the 350G LC.

Deere’s Powerwise III management system is optimized for trenching productivity and perfectly balances engine and hydraulic performance. Generous hydraulic flow and best-in-class metering ensure powerful digging force, precise low-effort control and superb multifunction operation.Reinforced resin thrust plates, grooved bushings and tungsten-carbide thermal-coated bucket joints increase arm, boom and bucket lube intervals to 500 hours.

For more information, visit www.deere.com.

KobelcoKobelco SK350LC

Kobelco’s SK350LC is a true workhorse. At 80,900 lbs and with a 270 net hp engine, this crawler excavator has the stability and muscle behind it to perform effortlessly across a wide-range of applications. A dig depth of 24 ft, 10 in. coupled with a reach of 36 ft, 3 in. and a dump height of 24 ft, 2 in. provide versatility on the job from digging to dumping to lifting and placing.

All Kobelco excavators feature advanced technologies, including an innovative noise and dust reduction system, advanced hydraulic circuitry for reduction of pressure loss and superior fuel efficiency. The SK350 is no exception, embracing the company’s commitment to the three E’s — Enhancement, Environment and Economy.

The SK350 HINO engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 emission standards for enhanced environmental performance and fuel efficiency. Three operational modes allow the operator to select from H, S or Eco based on the work at hand, saving fuel and gaining productivity through increased continuous operation.

Preventive maintenance is low-cost and hassle free with easy access from the ground to service check points. Added time saving features include: long-life hydraulic oil, a double-element air filter and a 500-hour cycle for attachment lubricants.

For more information, visit www.kobelco-usa.com.

VolvoVolvo EC220D

The Volvo EC220D is part of the fuel efficient, environmentally friendly D-Series Volvo crawler excavators, providing operators with greater digging forces and faster cycle times. Powered by a Volvo D6H/Tier 4 Interim engine and ideally matched components, the EC220D delivers high power and excellent lifting capacity and stability.

Offering operators advanced control on the EC220D is the “smart” hydraulics system — enabling smooth and highly responsive combined operation and travel. The system automatically prioritizes oil flow to the boom, arm or slew function according to requirements, resulting in faster cycle times. An attachment management system can store up to 18 presets and enables hydraulic flow to adjust to meet the requirements of the attachment in use.

The ROPS-protected cab allows EC220D operators to sit in a roomy, low fatigue, climate-controlled environment, with clear visibility and easy-to-handle controls.

Service is made simple, with easy-to-reach maintenance points accessed via wide-opening compartment doors. A service mode is incorporated into the I-ECU color monitor to allow diagnostic checks to be conducted. Four separate service intervals — engine oil/filter, fuel filter/water separator, hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil filter are all displayed on the monitor.
CareTrack, Volvo’s telematics system, is standard on new Volvo excavators and provides owners with machine intelligence that helps reduce fuel costs, optimize performance and maximize uptime.

For more information, visit www.volvoce.com.

YanmarYanmar ViO35-6

Introducing the most innovative, fuel-efficient excavator Yanmar has ever built. The advanced technology zero tail swing ViO35-6 features an electronically controlled Tier 4 engine and dramatically evolved hydraulic system. It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency. All of which means the new ViO35 can now deliver up to 20 percent less fuel consumption than previous models without sacrificing any of the power.

The new digital Smart Assist control system allows owners to monitor up to three months of operational history. Because this state-of-the art system centralizes control of machine operation information and maintenance support information, it’s never been easier to maintain a timely, efficient service process.

The standard hydraulic Quick Coupler makes changing buckets fast and easy. With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically while the operator is seated in the comfort of the cab.

The innovative design puts virtually every major component — engine, hydraulic system, starter, generator and battery — right at your fingertips. Because routine filter and grease fitting checks are easier and quicker, you can perform them more often, extending the life of and improving the durability of the machine.

For more information, visit www.us.yanmar.com.

CatCat 336E H

The new 336E H is the industry’s first hydraulic hybrid excavator. This unique machine uses recovered energy from the swing during the ditching process to use significantly less fuel than Caterpillar’s powerful 336D machine during similar applications.
The 336E H uses three building block technologies to deliver outstanding fuel savings and performance:
• The Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator to conserve fuel.
• The Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve optimizes performance by managing restrictions and flows to control machine motion, which means operators have the power and precision they need and expect.
• The Cat Hydraulic Hybrid Swing System captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators and then reuses the energy during swing acceleration.
The 336E H features three power modes to help manage fuel consumption: high power, standard power and economy. Two additional fuel-saving features are on-demand engine power and engine idle shutdown. On-demand engine power keeps speed low during light loading and idling, then adjusts when it senses a heavier load. Engine idle shutdown automatically shuts off the engine when idling for more than a specified amount of time.

The 336E H runs on ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, but the C9.3 ACERT is equipped to run on biodiesel fuel up to B20.

For more information, visit www.cat.com