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ApacheApache Pipeline Products Integrity XB Cleaning Pig
Apache Pipeline Products Ltd. recognizes that its customers are looking for creative solutions with excellent performance. The Integrity XB has been developed specifically for the North American market and is made to fit existing brush cleaning pigs.

The brush has been designed to clean better and last longer than existing products and features a new and unique construction method with Pencil Brush Technology. Each brush features stiff 22-gauge memory wire bristles at the front for heavy scraping and longer, flexible 25-gauge bristles at the rear for deep cleaning. High grade, tin-coated, hardened and tempered steel memory wire provides excellent cleaning performance and corrosion resistance.

The Apache Integrity XB cleaning pig provides:
• Amazing cleaning performance
• 360-degree rebound memory wire
• Increased wire bristle density
• Over 7,000 hardened and tempered steel wires per brush
• Powder coated back plate
• Non-corrosive high grade urethane base
• Options to customize
• Fully developed and tested

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For more information, visit www.apachepipe.com.

EnduroEnduro Combination Disc, Brush and Magnet Pig
Enduro BI-DI Disc/Brush Pigs are designed for aggressive cleaning applications and are typically run ahead of inline inspection (ILI) tools to ensure line cleanliness prior to conducting the ILI survey.

The BI-DI-4D-PB-MG Pig is equipped with four scraper discs which provide the pigs seal and are used to clean the pipe wall of debris, two sets of pencil brush rings for penetrating pits and crevasses and a series of “rare earth” block magnets for removing ferrous metal debris. The BI-DI-4D-PB-MG Pig shown in the photo was run in a 24-in. natural gas pipeline as one of many pigs used to clean and prepare the line before running Enduro’ s MfL Survey Tool.

While commonly used as fill and displacement pigs due to their ability to operate bi-directional within the pipeline, the combination of cleaning elements on this pig, combined with its weight and robust design make it an ideal solution for most cleaning applications.

For more information, visit www.enduropls.com.

Fused Armor PipePrecision Pigging Inspection Technology
They say time flies when you’re having fun, and in this case Precision Pigging LLC will be reaching a major milestone this year: 15 years providing high resolution pipeline geometry and deformation services. Next year (2014) will also mark the culmination of some major expansion efforts, as well as the inception of exciting new changes to come.

This year, Precision Pigging’s state-of-the-art deformation technology proved itself repeatedly. For reductions, the company saw similar (and nearly equivalent) accurate results, while using different configurations of the geometry and deformation tool fleet. Ongoing research and development continues to provide fruitful practical advances that Precision Pigging clients have come to appreciate in the field.

Precision Pigging’s engineering philosophy has been and still continues to be based on three principals: accuracy, reliability and design simplicity.

Accuracy: Precise pipeline measurement is required, and Precision Pigging has excelled in developing an accurate tool that produces only minor exaggerations and a 99.9 percent probability of detection.

Reliability: Precision Pigging has developed a solid reputation as a one run and done operation. With its expansion outside U.S. borders, many clients in Central America have been pleasantly surprised and expressed how they have not previously had a successful geometry tool inspection with just one run.

Design simplicity: All Precision Pigging deformation tools are designed following principles of simplicity, rejecting aesthetic embellishments in favor of increased performance, allowing the company’s tools to be rugged, efficient, reliable and accurate.

For more information, visit www.PrecisionPigging.com.

PitBossT.D. Williamson PITBOSS Cleaning Pig
The PITBOSS Cleaning Pig from T.D. Williamson is an essential part of many operators’ pipeline integrity management programs. This tool is one of the most aggressive cleaning pigs on the market, designed to remove soft- to medium-hard deposits from internal pitting, while also serving as an excellent general purpose cleaning pig.

Every pipeline is battling the ever advancing enemy of corrosion. The scars from this battle are manifested internally as pitting. It is essential to remove any deposits forming within the pits in order to allow inhibitors and biocides to effectively fight corrosion. Left unchecked, or addressed only intermittently, the deposits can perform as a shield for active corrosion, basically guaranteeing the quickened decay of the line.

The PITBOSS pig uses a uniquely designed wire skirt, made up of individual scrapers, designed to conform to the inside diameter of a pipe, regardless of wall thickness or roundness. These scrapers follow the contours of the pipe interior, removing paraffin, water and corrosive debris from all surfaces. Each wire scraper acts, independently, as both a spring — forcing itself into pitted areas — and a scraper. Once the pits have been scoured, the pipe is more receptive to internal corrosion inhibitor applications, addressing the threat at its core.

For more information, visit www.tdwilliamson.com.

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