... Presentation to Maximize Pipeline Leak Detection Programs

Presentation Aims to Maximize Value of Pipeline Leak Detection and Inspection Programs

Xylem will host a free webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 19, that aims to improve pipeline integrity. The presentation, titled “Maximize the Value of Your Leak Detection & Inline Inspection Programs,” is geared toward operators to identify and address problem areas.

Xylem Leak Detection Inspection Webinar

Leaks on oil and gas pipelines can result in lost product, steep fines, and hazardous conditions. Leaks can damage your pipeline and your reputation. Pipeline operators rely on sophisticated Leak Detection Systems (LDS) and inline inspection (ILI) tools to identify and address problem areas. Yet small leaks can go undetected when relying on LDS and ILI alone. These small leaks add up over time, leading to significant problems.

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Join the presentation to learn how pipeline operators are saving time and money using SmartBall to find active leaks, confirm containment and monitor threats.

The SmartBall platform is an inline leak detection tool with a highly sensitive acoustic sensor that pinpoints even the smallest leaks. This tool identifies pinhole leaks that pass under an LDS’ lower detection limit. SmartBall is also quick and easy to deploy as part of a leak alarm management strategy. Within hours, the tool can determine the exact location of a leak or confirm containment in the case of a false alarm.

SmartBall also complements ILI tools that detect corrosion and cracks. Often, these tools cannot determine when the pipeline has a through-wall defect resulting in a leak. SmartBall can survey known problem areas to confirm containment and monitor threats for changes. Threat monitoring helps operators optimize the timing of maintenance and avoid costly emergency repairs.

Register for the webinar today to explore ways SmartBall can enhance the reliability and productivity of your energy pipelines for less. Click the link to register: https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1570156&tp_key=7efe1b7c96

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