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Precision Temperature Controllers for Gas Production

In many ways the answer for numerous industrial questions comes through the control of chemicals, and a critical factor in chemical control is the control of temperature.

Precision Temperature Controller for Gas Production

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“Cracking” is not typically a welcome term in most industries as there may be obvious implications of damage.  That’s not true for Custom Energy Co. (C-CON), based in Craig, Colo., which takes pride in knowing and using a method called “cracking” in the natural gas industry.  Two very critical categories, in the successful completion of this process in achieving the desired result, are the understanding of chemical reactions along with constant control of temperature.

“Cracking” is a carefully controlled process, which was invented by Russian Engineer Vladimir Shukhov in 1891, and eventually modified slightly by American Engineer William Merriam Burton in 1908.  A large number of chemical reactions take place during the procedure, and depending on the application, this can sometimes number in the hundreds, if not thousands, which has been proven and tracked on computer model simulations.  This process is used worldwide in many industries and applications.

In this particular purpose, the desired results are for producing propane, butane and gasoline.  As mentioned earlier, temperature control is a crucial factor in successfully achieving the most consistent outcome.

“Oven Industries 5R1-1400 Temperature Controller has been keeping the ingredients at a steady temperature, and hasn’t changed at all,” said C-CON’s Daniel Samer, “This controller has been working well and we’re very pleased with the results.”

The 5R1-1400 is a precision temperature controller with a compact design. The unit measures 2.5 in. square and delivers 15 amps of load current. The 5R1-1400 is designed for gas production operations.

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