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Polyguard NHT-5600 Two-Part Epoxy

show-epoxyPolyguard’s new two-part epoxy, NHT-5600, is an innovative protective coating that can be used to coat girth welds, valves, fittings, holidays and for pipeline coating rehabilitation. NHT-5600 has been formulated to address the needs of the customer and applicator.

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Specifically, the coating has 30 to 50 percent more pot life than similar products. An extended pot life will help remedy the problem of material waste due to the coating curing too quickly to apply properly. If the applicator has more time to apply a coating, then the odds of the application being correct and holiday free the first time vastly improves.

Two-Part epoxies are also known for having issues related to pinhole holidays, sags and runs forming during the curing process. Polyguard has resolved these issues by incorporating superior technology into NHT-5600 that helps to alleviate pinhole holidays from forming and also inhibit the coating from sagging or running.

Polyguard is committed to bringing innovative new products to the coating industry that will outperform traditional expectations and give the consumer a higher quality option.

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