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PLM 72H Pipelayer


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PipeLine Machinery International (PLM), the first Cat equipment dealer without geographical borders, provides equipment and support to the mainline pipeline construction industry operating around the globe.

New to the fleet in 2012 is a purpose-built 90,000-lb lift capacity pipelayer — the 72H. This Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB class machine is the result of listening to the industry and filling the need for a mid-range pipelayer that bridges the gap between the lifting capacity of the PL61 (40,000 lbs) and the heavy lifting PL83 and PL87. The 72H is equipped with a Caterpillar certified to ISO standards Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that is specific to this model and application, making safety a priority. Additional safety features include: independent hydraulic winches, oil disk brakes, variable speed controls, quick drop function and hydraulic boom stop valve.

The 72H Pipelayer is chosen when the pipe size is anywhere from 16 to 24 in. in circumference with mid-range weight. Where the smaller inch pipe work is being done but the wall thickness adds additional weight, the 72H provides a safe and efficient solution. In addition to answering the challenge of safety and reducing the carbon footprint, the 72H has proven to be versatile and easy to handle, even in rugged terrain.

For more information, visit www.plmcat.com.

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