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PipeLine Product Expo: Horizontal Directional Drills

American Augers DD-660RS

American-Augers-DSC03082American Augers has always been a company that seeks to provide industry leading equipment to the pipeline and utility markets. This is evident in the release of the new DD-660RS, a 660,000-lb (300-tonne) HDD boring system. This system incorporates many of the steadfast features provided by previous models with some state-of-the-art enhancements. Foremost among these enhancements is a new microprocessor control system with a touch screen display. This system allows the operator to fine tune the drilling capacity to the specifications of the product
being installed.

A Rapid Setup feature reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to assemble and disassemble the jobsite for drilling or transportation. Rapid Setup systems are exclusive to American Augers maxi HDD trailered systems and have proven to reduce transportation and setup efforts making the crews more efficient. The enclosed power units will be offered in Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final versions. Both use hydraulically controlled cooling fans for efficient cooling and greatly reduced noise emissions.

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American Augers builds some of the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry and a full range
of auger boring machines. Developed and hand-crafted in the United States with the rugged user in mind, American Augers rigs are built to last and backed with 24-hour worldwide support.
For more information, visit americanaugers.com.

Barbco BD250

Barbco-341Barbco’s BD250 horizontal directional drill is compact and extremely powerful. Under the hood you will find 600 hp dedicated to thrust and rotation. The highest horsepower offered as standard equipment in the industry.

The BD250 is track mounted and employs a 20-ft drill stem. The drill combines the power of 10 drive motors to produces 250,000 lbs of pulling force and a top pulling speed of 130 ft per minute. The machine’s rotary torque is 45,000 ft- lbs with a top rotary speed of 120 rotations per minute. Breaking rods is made easy by traveling breakout wrenches with 75,000 ft-lbs breakout torque. Wrenches double clamp open top design is simple and reliable. The operators climate controlled cabin has controls that are equipped with automated drilling modes and a unique customizable drillers interface that allow for up to three drillers to personalize their own screen’s dashboards, wallpaper and joystick functions.

The BD250 is just one of the models in Barbco’s growing lineup. Other directional drill models include the BD40HP, BD60HP, BD80HP, BD100HP, BD120HP, BD160HP, BD200HP, BD300 and BD380. In addition to these models Barbco will customize any HDD to meet the needs of its client.
For more information, visit barbco.com.

Herrenknecht Direct Pipe

Herrenknecht-Pic2_IMG_1592_bearbThe Direct Pipe Technology developed by Herrenknecht combines the advantages of microtunneling and horizontal drilling technology. In only one work step, a prefabricated pipeline is installed in the trenchless mode and the required borehole produced simultaneously. This provides for the speedy and highly cost-efficient installation of pipelines with lengths of more than 1,500 meters.

In 2013, the tunnelling company Michels Canada installed a pipeline using the Direct Pipe technology from Herrenknecht for the first time in Canada. The crossing beneath the Beaver River in the province of Alberta, with a 42-in. pipeline (1,067 mm) was successfully completed in two weeks.

The drill was carried out with an entry angle of four degrees and an exit angle of eight degrees with an overburden of around five meters below the river bed. The crossing beneath the Beaver River is part of a section of the Cold Lake Pipeline extension between La Corey and Hardisty over a total length of 240 km.
For more information, visit herrenknecht.com.

Prime Drilling Pipe Pusher

PD-PipePusher_4TT Technologies, of Aurora, Illinois, is now offering the latest Prime Drilling Pipe Pusher. The Pipe Pusher provides additional push or pull force during pipe pullback, but is also very useful in conjunction with tunnel boring machines.

The pipe pusher is available with either a rack-and-pinion or cylinder drive system. Depending on customer requirements and jobsite conditions, the Pipe Pusher can be mounted alternatively on the drill mast of a drilling rig or on a steel frame. In combination with the optional drive systems this product offers a solution for demanding jobsites working with pipeline diameters of 20 to 60 in.

Push forces are transferred into the pipe via a number of tensioning chains installed into a chain housing. The special geometrical shape of the tensioning chain guarantees even surface pressure, up to 100 tons per chain, along the pipe circumference. The casing is directly linked to the feeding system and has a capacity of four to 10 tensioning chains, allowing for a maximum push force of 400 to 1,000 tons.

This system enables lightweight construction with utmost stability and offers such advantages as variable stroke length of 20 to 75 ft, upgadeable capacity, upgradeable hydraulic carriage motors for extra pull and push force, low transport weight and only requires minimum foundation work.
For more information, visit tttechnologies.com or prime-drilling.de.

Vermeer D220x300 Navigator

Vermeer-D220_ImageThe Vermeer D220x300 Navigator horizontal directional drill has the power of a maxi rig in a self-contained drill. If offers 242,100 lbs (1076.9 kN) of thrust/pullback and 30,200 ft-lbs (40,945.8 Nm) of rotational torque, an onboard operator cabin, mud pump, optional knuckle boom crane and rod stager.

The D220x300 has a high power-to-size ratio for its footprint of 8.5 ft (2.6 m) wide and 37 ft (11.3 m) long. This means the versatility to perform urban utility work, as well as large pipeline installation. The onboard Weatherford triplex mud pump has a maximum capacity of 330 gpm (1,249.2 L/min) and provides sufficient flow of drilling fluid for large-diameter pipe pullback, and can efficiently power a mud motor for pilot bores in hard ground conditions.
The optional knuckle boom crane can be mounted on either side of the drill (front base anchor) and provides easier maneuverability of drill rod or heavy tooling. The D220x300 sliding arm rod stager can stage five rods at a time, allowing for increased boring efficiency. A floating spline shaft design on the rotation gearbox minimizes the need for the drill operator to feather carriage during drill rod makeup and breakout, reducing rod and drive chuck thread wear. For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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