... Pipeworx Partners with Indigenous Community to Create Positive Impacts

Pipeworx Partners with Indigenous Community to Create Positive Impacts

Acheson, Alberta-based Pipeworx Ltd. has developed a partnership with the Alexander First Nation to create positive and lasting impacts on Indigenous communities.

Through its partnership with Alexander Business Centre (ABC), Pipeworx is showing its commitment to reconciling unity with Indigenous communities by not just speaking intentions and meeting requirements, but through proactive collaboration.

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Upon its formation in 2018, ABC — representing the people of Alexander First Nation — created joint ventures through its construction-focused subsidiary Alexander Contracting and Construction (ACC). These partnerships afforded ACC energy industry establishment. After continued success, ACC’s goal grew to creating 100 percent nation-owned companies. However, this transformational goal required strong industry partnerships, like its relationship with Pipeworx.

Pipeworx partners with the Alexander  First Nation

As a symbol of dual respect, the Alexander First Nation community participated in the ribbon cutting for the Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS) project. Pictured here is Lorianne Paul aside Kiyanni Paul as she presents artwork to Pipeworx senior vice president and general manager Chad Johannsen that says, “Tansi,” which translates to “Hello.” Additionally, elders played the drums, symbolizing support and respect from the nation to Pipeworx.

“When we wanted to create our own Tier 1, 100 percent nation-owned horizontal directional drilling business, Pipeworx stepped up to the plate,” said ACC chief operating officer Kris Vanderburg. “They were strategic and really helped us create this business. To me, that’s what reconciliation is.”

Pipeworx, a PLH Group company, is one of the most innovative and respected pipeline contractors in Western Canada.

“ACC employees know the industry and their trades while aligning with our safety and quality standards,” said Chad Johannsen, Pipeworx senior vice president and general manager. “I am confident that the Pipeworx promise of quality, trust, reliability and safety will continue to be upheld throughout the project.”

Before the business was even fully operational, Pipeworx and ACC signed a two-year HDD contract commitment, giving ABC the certainty needed to plan for future growth. Pipeworx and ACC are providing the installation of 12- and 16-in. pipelines running 254 km throughout Alberta for Keyera’s Key Access Pipeline System (KAPS).

“Pipeworx is taking small steps that can actually lead to generational changes in the community. What happens if all companies are like Pipeworx and took a step? Think of the changes that would make in the community,” Vanderburg said. “I commend Pipeworx for moving the needle, and hopefully others can follow their lead.”

The partnership will not end with the conclusion of the KAPS project. The organizations are already strategically partnering on pursuing new work together.

“We would love to provide opportunities and offer inclusion for other nations, as well, stemming a ripple effect throughout the energy industry to create lasting changes for these communities,” said Pipeworx Indigenous relations manager Chad Wagner.

ABC is a fully-developed, Alexander First Nation corporation that actively collaborates with energy industry partners by strategically aligning its community members and resources to stimulate reliable economic growth while recognizing cultural traditions and environmental responsibility.

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