... Pipeline Takeaways: Thousands, Millions and Billions

Pipeline Takeaways: Thousands, Millions and Billions


We’re proud to call Ohio home, and this is the total miles of natural gas pipelines in the Buckeye State.

Of that total, 1,052 miles are field/gathering, 2,030 miles are transmission, 57,423 miles are distribution and 45,061 are service pipelines. Ohio accounts for 4.22 percent of the total 2.5 million miles of natural gas pipelines across the United States. Find out more at the American Gas Association (AGA) website, map.aga.org.

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12.5 Million

The number of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions that natural gas utility efficiency programs helped offset in 2016, according to the AGA.

By funding these programs, gas utilities also helped customers save 239 trillion Btu of energy in 2016. This represents a 33 percent increase from the 180 trillion Btu of energy savings and 9.4 million metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions achieved in 2015.

$1.5 Billion

The amount Canadian Energy Pipeline Association members contributed to tax revenues including income, property, motor fuel and carbon taxes in 2016.

Of that $1.5 billion members paid $732 million in property taxes to municipalities in communities where pipelines operate. Information taken from CEPA’s 2017 Transmission Pipeline Industry Performance Report. For an in-depth look, visit pr17.cepa.com.

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