... Pipeline Product Expo: Pipelayers

Pipeline Product Expo: Pipelayers

Pipelayers and other pipe handling equipment are critical in protecting pipe as it goes into the ground. Here are the latest machines from the top manufacturers of pipe layers, sidebooms and handling equipment.

Cat PL61 Pipelayers

Engineered to exceed the most demanding working conditions, PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) presents the Cat PL61 pipelayer. The PL61 pipelayer has a lift capacity of 40,000 lbs, with a counterweight that extends hydraulically for improved load balance and clearance.cat

The Cat C6.6 engine with ACERT Technology provides a compact design with big, heavy-duty engine features. The C6.6 employs Caterpillar engineered innovations that provide advanced electronic control, precision fuel delivery and refined air management, resulting in outstanding performance, lower emissions and years of dependable service.

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The PL61 pipelayer features electronically independent power and control of each track for fast acceleration, infinitely variable speed control and on-the-go direction changes for each track. When soil conditions are sandy or muddy, the PL61 maintains proper track tension, extending the system life of the pipelayer and reducing operating costs at the same time. The purpose-built heavy-duty undercarriage is designed to give you extended wear life in abrasive conditions, on side slopes and in rocky, uneven ground. The PL61 pipelayer’s power and versatility, combined with rugged components, are designed for tough and varied conditions. Whether you are working on small inch projects or utility work, the PL61 pipelayer offers you the reliability and durability you expect from Cat pipelayers.

For more information, visit cat.com or plmcat.com.

MaatsMAATS RL24 Pipelayer

Maats and Liebherr developed a program of the strongest, most reliable and safe pipelayers (ranging 20 to 90 tons). The Maats RL24 is the smallest machine in that program, but don’t let its size fool you as the advanced lay-out of the machine provides a lift capacity that is unique in its 20-ton class. Based on an operating weight of 21.500 kg, the machine has a lift capacity of 24 tons.

Thanks to the compact Liebherr base machine, the foldable boom and the non-extendable counterweight, the machine’s convenient dimensions are kept to a minimum without loss of stability and lift capacity. The machine is equipped with LGP track pads and the typical hydrostatic drive allows precise maneuvering and tight turning (around its own axis) as well as reducing the number of wear parts. The compact machine and its excellent maneuverability are an outcome for working on locations where space is limited. The foldable boom reduces transport dimensions and allows the machine to be prepared for transport within minutes.

The well thought-out design, high quality materials and innovative technologies ensure maximum reliability and productivity, even under the most difficult circumstances. Built with mainly Liebherr components, the machine’s service and spare parts can be easily obtained, anywhere in the world. The ergonomic design and numerous safety features guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.

For more information, visit maats.com.

CatMidwestern M170C and M220C Sideboom Attachments

Midwestern’s new M170C and M220C sideboom attachments are designed specifically for the new John Deere 1050K PL platforms.

These fully integrated sidebooms have a low, compact design that provides balanced weight distribution for optimum lifting, operating control and excellent visibility. Both models include a high capacity pipelayer winch package that is controlled by a multi-functional, electronic joystick for all load, boom and counterweight functions. The two sidebooms on the oval-track platforms with extra wide gauge and shoes offer maximum stability, low ground pressure and lift capacities of 170,000 lbs and 220,000 lbs, respectively.

Midwestern is the leader in hydraulic sidebooms, hydraulic conversion kits for mechanical pipelayers and hydrostatic fill and test units.

For more information, visit sidebooms.com

VacuworxVacuworx RC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuworx RC Series Vacuum Lifting Systems are designed to handle materials from 22,000 to 44,000 lb in conjunction with large-capacity host carriers. They are best suited for large diameter energy and infrastructure projects, as well as material handling at port facilities, pipe mills and storage yards. Fully self-contained units are powered by diesel engines and can be hooked up and ready to go in a matter of minutes. Each unit comes with a double set of lugs to accommodate any single or double vacuum pad arrangement which will not damage delicate materials or bonded coatings.

The Vacuworx Advantage starts with a commitment to safety. All Vacuworx Lifting Systems feature wireless remote operation from the cab of the host machine and 360° rotation to position materials without the need for tag line operators on the ground. These features offer a safer alternative to using hooks, slings or chains and help keep personnel out of harm’s way.

Vacuworx Lifting Systems are also designed to increase productivity and benefit the bottom line. Vacuum lifting allows faster load and unload cycles with less downtime than conventional methods since there are no slings and chains to hook and unhook. Vacuum lifting virtually eliminates damage to materials and coatings without having to take extra precautions. And the need for fewer ground personnel reduces the risk of accidents and lowers payroll and insurance costs.

For more information, visit vacuworx.com.

VolvoVolvo PL4809E Rotating Pipelayer

The new PL4809E rotating pipelayer from Volvo is built upon a unique excavator-based platform that offers greater productivity and versatility as compared to traditional sideboom-dozer-type pipelayers. The PL4809E is equipped with the latest D13J Tier 4 Final engine, boasting higher horsepower, increased torque and hydraulic flow, and improved fuel efficiency for better performance at lower operating cost versus the preceding D-Series model.

The excavator-based platform provides 360-degree swing capacity, which reduces positioning time when laying pipe. This versatile machine can also be converted into a standard excavator in as little as 4.5 hours, and hydraulics are perfectly matched to both lifting and digging, ensuring no loss in power for either application. Able to work across rugged terrain and slopes up to 35 degrees, it can be easily transported around job sites without having to disassemble the boom or counterweight. The Load Management System also enables operators to monitor slope inclinations, boom angle, orientation and load to ensure safe working load.

With grouped filters and greasing points, as well as remote monitoring via CareTrack — Volvo’s telematics system — the PL4809E is incredibly easy to maintain and is supported by Volvo’s extensive global dealer network.

For more information, visit VolvoCE.com/na.

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