... Pipeline Product EXPO: Pigging and Inspection Tools

Pipeline Product EXPO: Pigging and Inspection Tools

A.Hak Industrial Services PigletA.Hak Industrial Services Piglet

Providing ultrasonic pipeline integrity inspections, A.Hak Industrial Services fills a growing need for the inspection of relatively short pipelines and pipelines that are considered to be “unpiggable.” A.Hak prefers the term “challenging,” since its ultrasonic inspection equipment can be used to inspect the previously unpiggable pipeline architecture. Most of these lines have difficult-to-pig features, such as dual diameter, mitered bends, full bore unbarred tee-pieces and single entry set ups (requiring a bi-directional tool).

A. Hak Industrial Services has developed the Piglet — a highly versatile inspection tool that applies a contact-free ultrasonic measuring head that is able to scan the full surface of the pipe wall. Piglet tools are capable of inspecting small diameter lines down to 3 in. and also serve the full range of large diameter pipelines. A.Hak Industrial Services tools can be run free-swimming or fiber-optic cable-tethered, which provides real-time observation of the inspection with immediate (instantaneous) results. A. Hak Industrial Services field crews are highly experienced and can provide turnkey services when requested.

For more information, visit a-hak-is.com.

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Enduro Pig Tracking TransmittersEnduro Pig Tracking Transmitters

Enduro Pipeline Services Inc. offers two upgraded Pig Locating Transmitter Units for verifying either the pig’s location or movement through the line. The 40-ft range Enduro ET531X100 and the 30-ft range Enduro ET419X100. Tracking pig movement reduces the search area in the event a pig becomes lost or stuck in the line. This is very beneficial in lines that are not pigged routinely and especially in lines that have never been pigged.

The transmitter is inserted and secured into the pig prior to its launch. The unit uses low frequency signals to penetrate the pipe walls. When these signals are picked-up by the receiver, it emits both an audio and visual notification.

For more information, visit enduropls.com.

HEBNA Corp. iMFL ToolsHEBNA Corp. iMFL Tools

The HEBNA iMFL tools have the unique capability to inspect steel (or any ferrous host pipe) through an internal lining. Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tools used for the inspection of steel pipes have been in use for decades and are a highly accurate method to detect metal loss due to corrosion or pipeline damage.
A limitation in the application of MFL tools has been their inability to inspect steel pipelines with an internal lining because the tool’s array of magnets must be touching or be in close proximity to the pipe wall to obtain an accurate reading. After years of research and development, HEBNA iMFL Services Inc. has introduced iMFL, a series of magnetic flux leakage tools which can inspect steel pipelines through any non-ferrous liner material (cement, polyethylene, cured-in-place pipe, etc.) in high definition delivering results equal to or exceeding the results of standard MFL inspection of unlined pipe.

For more information, visit hebna.com.

NDT Global Ultrasonic Crack InspectionNDT Global Ultrasonic Crack Inspection

NDT Global recently introduced the innovative Enhanced Sizing capability to its ultrasonic (UT) crack inspection service. Before the introduction of Enhanced Sizing, there was an industry-wide uncertainty for crack depth sizing for depths anywhere above 4 mm (0.16 in.). Previously, for flaws above this threshold, a level of uncertainty existed. While the sizing of cracks with depths above 4 mm was feasible, the uncertainty associated with it lead operators to adopt a conservative approach in their pipeline integrity management programs. Anything above the 4 mm threshold was previously subject to speculation. There was no level of certainty when it came to sizing cracks in this range.

The innovation of Enhanced Sizing now removes this limitation and uncertainty and offers high-accuracy depth sizing up to 100 percent wall thickness. This breakthrough is the first major improvement in crack inspection since the introduction of absolute depth sizing more than five years ago. This enhancement is available for all UT crack inspections across NDT Global’s complete tool fleet. The advanced algorithms analysis can also be applied to data from previous inspections to deliver more precise sizing for severe cracks. Pipeline operators now have a single technology solution that provides the most accurate data across the full range of crack depths.

For more information, visit ndt-global.com.

Pigs Unlimited Square Edge Utility PigPigs Unlimited Square Edge
Utility Pig

The Square Edge solid cast utility pig from Pigs Unlimited combines the functionality and features of some of the company’s most effective cleaning pigs. The main feature that sets it apart is the square edged sealing discs on the body of the pig. The square edge design provides a high seal in the pipeline, provides more aggressive cleaning power and sets this pig apart from others in the market. The pig features a solid cast construction that allows added flexibility, a lighter weight than conventional steel pigs and eliminates the need for spare components.

The Square Edge pig is constructed of a high-grade abrasion and chemical resistant polyurethane material that is versatile across many applications, and is offered in various durometers to adjust the level of flexibility. The rear sealing cup provides the sealing and driving power needed to move the pig through the pipeline, and a hollow core allows even distribution of pressure along the body of the pig.

For more information, visit pigsunlimited.com.

T.D. Williamson D-2000 Quick Opening ClosureT.D. Williamson D-2000 Quick Opening Closure

As a pipeline operator, you go to great lengths to ensure the safety of your personnel, especially when it comes to operating one of the most common and frequently used pieces of field equipment — the closure door.

The D-2000 Quick Opening, Clamp-Ring Closure from TDW is built for speed and ease of use by a single operator and is a reliable solution for small to large-diameter applications. The closure features a cross-sectional diameter O-ring located on the outside of the barrel collar — providing positive sealing, as well as protection from damage by tools, pigs or debris. With safety in mind, a pressure warning lock alerts the operator to the existence of internal pressure prior to opening the closure.

For more information, visit tdwilliamson.com.

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