... Pipeline Product Expo: Hydraulic Excavators for the Pipeline Industry

Pipeline Product Expo: Hydraulic Excavators

caseCASE Construction Equipment CX350D Excavator

The CX350D is designed to provide significant operational gains over previous models, including cycle times up to 12 percent faster, improved responsiveness and multifunctional control, and up to 14 percent greater fuel efficiency. With an operating weight of 82,483 lbs, the CX350D features a 268 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine and up to 56,157 ft-lbs of bucket digging force.

As part of the CASE D Series lineup, the CX350D offers more standard features than any previous CASE excavator, simplifying the buying process and making the machine extremely versatile and operator friendly. CASE D Series excavators meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards through an innovative combination of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which helps maximize uptime and performance – all with minimal maintenance.

The entire CASE D Series lineup is covered under CASE ProCare, a suite of product assurances that includes a three-year Advanced CASE SiteWatch telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, and a three-year/3,000-hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while helping to make owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of lease or ownership.

For more information, visit CaseCE.com.

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catCaterpillar 349F L, 336F L Excavators

The Cat 349F L and 336F L are the most common excavators used in mainline pipeline construction right now, due mainly to the large diameter pipe projects that have started this year and will continue for the next couple of years. These machines are built to keep production numbers up and owning and operating costs down.

The 349F L has a Cat C13 ACERT engine that meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards, giving you all the power, fuel efficiency and reliability you need to succeed. Where the real power comes in is through the hydraulic system. You can literally move tons of material all day long with a great deal of speed and precision. Controllability is one of the main attributes of Cat excavators and a core feature that differentiates from other brands.

The main control valve opens slowly when your range of joystick lever movement is small and opens rapidly when movement is high. It puts flow where you need it and when you need it, which leads to smoother operation, greater efficiency, and lower fuel consumption. Add in a quiet operator environment that keeps you comfortable and productive, ground-level service points that make your routine maintenance easy and multiple Cat work tools that help you take on a variety of jobs, you experience much more than just the engine power under the hood – it’s a core strength that differentiates Cat machines from other brands.

For more information, visit PLMcat.com.

doosanDoosan DX350LC-5 Crawler Excavator

Doosan DX350LC-5 crawler excavators provide exceptional fuel efficiency to help owners reduce operating costs. For example, a Tier 4-compliant 318-hp DX350LC-5 crawler excavator has a 10 percent fuel savings from the equivalent Tier 3 model. For further fuel savings, auto shutdown helps owners save fuel during non-working conditions. When enabled, the feature will shut down the excavator’s engine after a preset idle time. For example, the operator can configure the idle time from 3 to 60 minutes.
In addition to auto shutdown and LCD screen updates, Doosan DX350LC-5 crawler excavators have the following features: Ease of maintenance for uptime protection, auto belt tensioner — fan and air conditioning, anti-skid plates for better traction on steps and other walking surfaces, easy access to the emergency engine stop, battery and alternator upgrades to minimize downtime and an angled floor pedal for improved operator comfort.

Doosan DX350LC-5 excavators are ideally suited for the pipeline industry with a maximum digging depth of 24 ft, 8 in. and a maximum reach of 35 ft, 11 in. at ground level. The machines come standard with Doosan Telematics to monitor the following: fleet status, machine location, operating hours, fuel usage and more.

For more information, visit DoosanEquipment.com.

john deereJohn Deere 470G LC Excavator

The John Deere 470G LC Excavator is the latest member of the production-class equipment lineup to be updated to meet emissions standards and to incorporate a bevy of customer-inspired and productivity-boosting features. The 367-hp model now comes fully loaded with an EPA Final Tier 4 13.5L diesel engine, a comfortable and spacious cab, as well as an enhanced LCD monitor with simplified navigation. In addition, optional 2D/3D grade guidance sensor-mounting brackets enable customers to install an aftermarket grade-control system.

A stalwart in the John Deere line of G-Series excavators, the production-class model offers simplified maintenance options, with such features as a battery disconnect switch, spin-on fuel filters and two additional water separators to maintain long fuel filter life.

The excavator includes smart features, such as an engine/hydraulic-management system with multiple productivity modes, enabling operators to balance engine performance and hydraulic flow for predictable operation. With Ultimate Uptime featuring John Deere WorkSight, owners receive predelivery and follow-up inspections and five years of JDLink telematics, machine health prognostics and remote diagnostics and programming capability.

For more information, visit JohnDeere.com.

kobelcoKobelco SK300LC-10

The revolutionary Kobelco SK300LC-10 establishes new standards in value, productivity and durability. This robust 68,100-lb model is powered by a 252-hp Tier 4 Final HINO engine, enabling it to easily tackle heavy-duty applications and remain as one of the most powerful and fuel efficient excavators in its class. The SK300LC’s engine incorporates a Selective Catalytic Reduction system with Diesel Particulate Filters; the dual system minimizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid and decreases NOx emissions by 88 percent.

The trendsetting SK300LC delivers a dynamic bucket digging force of 37,300-lbf to achieve leading-class work volume, even while minimizing fuel consumption. Much of this boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration system, which aids the arm by reusing force generated by the boom, to further minimize energy loss and ensure outstanding performance.

The new unit provides ample power to lift the heaviest of loads and the rugged construction to stay safe while you follow through. A higher boom foot cross-section, thicker arm-foot base plate and stronger foot bases are provided for added reinforcement.

For more information, visit Kobelco-USA.com.

komatsuKomatsu America Corp. PC210LCi-11

Komatsu America Corp.’s new, second-generation PC210LCi-11, Intelligent Machine Control hydraulic excavator leverages the proven track record and success of the pioneering PC210LCi-10, while adding eagerly awaited, machine-control-joystick functionality.

This technology offers up to a 63 percent improvement in excavating efficiency over a standard PC210LC-11 and traditional stake-plus-grade-checker methods. The extra efficiency can save time and money by: 1) minimizing the need and expense of grading dozers and grade checkers, 2) minimizing the costs associated with over-excavating, including extra materials, fuel and time, and 3) using the time usually wasted waiting on grade checkers and over-excavation to finish jobs and potentially collect on-time or finish-early project bonuses.

Pioneering intelligent machine control almost five years ago has given Komatsu’s network of Technology Solutions Experts (TSE) unmatched experience helping customers maximize their intelligent machine control investment.

For more information, visit KomatsuAmerica.com.

volvoVolvo CE EC750E Excavator

The 75-ton Volvo EC750E excavator boasts not only significant measurable improvements to power, productivity and digging force — it’s also more fuel efficient than its smaller predecessor, enabling higher production at a lower cost-per-ton than ever before. The EC750E was designed to deliver heavy lifting power and high productivity without sacrificing the benefits for which Volvo is known, like best-in-class fuel efficiency. The machine is capable of delivering up to 15 percent higher productivity with 5 percent greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, the EC700CL.

Productivity gains are due in part to a more powerful engine — the Volvo D16J. The 516-hp, Tier 4 Final engine provides an 11 percent horsepower increase over the EC700CL. When combined with larger diameter boom cylinders and increased working pressure, the EC750E delivers a 7 percent increase in digging force and a 4 percent boost in hydraulic flow, helping make large loads look small and big jobs look easy.

Further increasing productivity is a new range of buckets designed specifically for use with the EC750E, including general-purpose, heavy-duty and extreme-duty designs, which offer up to 10 percent more bucket capacity. The reinforced booms and arms, designed for durability with high strength tensile steel, allow customers to select the exact combination of forces that will get the job done in less time at less cost. For added protection and reliability in severe conditions, steel strips are welded under the arm, and a built-in, heavy duty plate is featured on the underside of the machine.

For more information, visit VolvoCE.com/na.

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