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Pipeline Product Expo – December 2014

FINN Corp. Landscape and Erosion Control EquipmentFINN Corp. Landscape and Erosion Control Equipment

Get more productivity while cutting labor and material costs with FINN landscape and erosion control equipment. FINN Corp. has developed extensive equipment lines from our industry leading HydroSeeders, Bark Blowers and Straw Blowers to its complementary material lines of hydroseeding consumables, TRU-Mulch hydromulch and FINN filter sock. Not only has FINN extended its expertise into the development and commercialization of these diverse product lines, but has also opened its arms to a number of additional industries including construction, golf, mine reclamation, landfills and equipment rentals.

FINN delivers the utmost in performance and productivity. With working capacity tanks up to 3,300 gallons, FINN’s complete line of HydroSeeders is designed to meet the needs of extensive erosion control jobsites and demanding seeding applications. The company has modified HydroSeeders to be mounted on tracks, equipped them with special axles and tires, designed special frames and even tailored a collapsible rail system to meet unusual height requirements.

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With a pioneering spirit as part of our culture and utilizing a large dealer network along with highly dedicated and knowledgeable sales representatives, FINN has grown to a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of erosion control and landscape equipment and products.

For more information, visit finncorp.com.

TurfMaker Hydromulching MachineryTurfMaker Hydromulching Machinery

Challenges for pipeline restoration projects frequently include difficult terrain and sometimes harsh climate. When hydromulching is the best option for re-vegetation, the machinery, the mulch products and the personnel must answer those challenges. High-tech mulch products provide conditions for vegetation establishment under the harshest and most difficult job site conditions. High-tech mulch products require machinery that can load and mix those products quickly and easily, and then pump those products onto areas that are sometimes difficult to reach. TurfMaker hydromulching machinery is designed to handle high-tech mulches in difficult circumstances.

Historically, large hydromulching machinery has been mounted on open road trucks. Because of the terrain common on pipeline restoration sites, hydromulching machinery may need to be mounted on a track vehicle such as a Morooka. Typical hydromulching machinery does not fit well on a shorter and wider track vehicle like the Morooka. Also, with a standard hydromulching machine, the height of the overall machine and Morooka can be a problem when transporting the equipment on a low-boy trailer.

TurfMaker has designed machines with shorter, wider and lower tanks to be used on track vehicles. A typical 1,750-gallon machine is 16 to 17 ft long. TurfMaker offers a 1,750-gallon machine with an overall machine length of 12 ft. TurfMaker also has other tank and machine designs for special uses. A TurfMaker machine is tough but extremely user friendly. The company began the learning experience in hydromulching machine design in 1972.

For more information, visit turfmaker.com.

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