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Pipeline Product Expo: Pipelayers

Maats RL24 Pipelayer
MAATS-RL24-PipelayerLiebherr and Maats developed a program of the safest and most reliable pipelayers (ranging from 20 to 90 tons). The Maats RL24 is the smallest machine in that program, but the advanced layout of the machine provides a lift capacity that is unique in its 20-ton class. Based on an operating weight of 21.500 kg, the machine has a lift capacity of 24 tons.

Thanks to the compact Liebherr base machine and the non-extendable counterweight, the RL24 dimensions are kept to a minimum without loss of stability and lift capacity. The machine is equipped with LGP track pads and the typical hydrostatic drive allows precise maneuvering and tight turning (around its own axis), as well as reducing the number of wear parts.

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The foldable boom reduces transport dimensions and allows the machine to be prepared for transport within minutes. The well thought out design, high quality materials and innovative technologies ensure maximum reliability and productivity, even under the most difficult circumstances. Built mainly with Liebherr components, the machine’s service and spare parts can be easily obtained, anywhere in the world. The ergonomic design and numerous safety features guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator.
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visit maats.com.

PLM-71HPipeLine Machinery (PLM) International 71H Pipelayer
The 71H pipelayer was new to the PLM fleet in 2014. With the support of Caterpillar, the engineering expertise of Vanguard Equipment Inc. and Kress Corp., the challenge was met to create a utility-capacity pipelayer in the Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB class, designed for lifting 60,000 lbs and engineered to meet the most exacting standards around the world.

Standard features include a heavy duty undercarriage and a drawbar that is able to accommodate a wide range of attachments. An electro-hydraulic tractor control improves precision and response. Dedicated hydraulics, differential steering and machine control system aid overall productivity. Boom and hook draw works are driven by independent hydraulic winches. Hydraulically extended counterweight provides smooth, controlled weight-balance adjustment. The light weight, durable boom features high tensile strength steel construction for narrow structures and maximum visibility to the work area. Dual control leavers place all of the boom and hook function controls in one hand.

Safety features include a Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), quick drop release, additional mirrors providing greater visibility and Load Monitor Indicator (LMI) ready to help operators monitor loads for enhanced jobsite safety, efficiency and quality of work.
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Superior Mfg. SPX-260 Pipelayer 
Superior-IMG_3776Superior’s family of pipelayers just got bigger. The new SPX-260 is the smallest member of the SPX-Series. The machine is capable of lifting up to 26 tons with an operating weight of 44,092 lbs. The unit’s narrow width (9 ft, 2 in.) makes trailer transportation easier as only the boom needs to be removed.

The hydraulic kit allows the operator to control the load with one joystick for both the boom line and the load line. With light pressure applied, the operator can inch the load; or with maximum pressure applied and full throttle, can go full bore. No gearing system is necessary, as the system operates as efficiently as two-gear systems in the market.
As with all Superior equipment, special attention has been given to safety, such as the anti-tipping system, which calculates the maximum load able to be lifted at the current boom angle, and the free-fall system, which is a safety redundancy feature that also prevents tipping by disengaging the load at the press of a button. A hydrostatic system ensures safety and reliability and is especially efficient when working on steep grades, allowing the operator to make precise, pin-point maneuvers to couple pipes.
For more information, visit superiormftg.com.

Volvo PL4809D Pipelayer
Volvo-New_PL4809D_ImageThe Volvo PL4809D rotating pipelayer offers excellent stability with a 90-ton lifting capacity and is highly productive while also being one of the safest and most stable machines in the industry. Volvo pipelayers also offer unsurpassed fuel efficiency, making them the most fuel efficient pipelayers currently available.
Featuring Volvo patented 360-degree swing capability, the PL4809D can handle large, heavy pipes with ease and place them anywhere around the machine. The PL4809D’s innovative excavator-based design also allows the machine to be converted into a high-performance excavator, simply by swapping the pipelayer boom for the excavator boom included in the optional digging kit. Hydraulics are optimized for both pipelayer and excavator applications as standard.

The PL4809D rotating pipelayer is designed to offer superior safety and flexibility, even on rugged terrain and inclines of up to 30 degrees. When holding a load on a slope or during tie-ins, a heavy-duty mechanical slew lock fixes the superstructure at every 10th degree in relation to the undercarriage, protecting the transmission and providing excellent precision and security. A 70 percent improvement in traction improves work on rough terrain and in slope work, while also increasing machine speed over flat ground.
For more information, visit volvoce.com.


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