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American Augers DD-440TAmerican Augers DD-440T

The track-mounted American Augers DD-440T horizontal directional drill offers 440,000 lbs. of thrust/pullback and continues to perform successful crossings for the pipeline industry. The carriage system is engineered with a two-pinion drive with an adjustable force limiter and a maximum carriage speed of 95 ft per minute. The advanced rotary drive includes a three-pinion and gear drive that permits 60,000 ft-lbs of maximum rotary torque and a rear-mounted mud swivel that provides up to 650 gpm of mud flow.

Other standard features include: 10- to 18-degree drill angle, triple jaw wrenches with a 12-in. separation, wrenches that travel the full length of the thrust frame, 154,000 ft-lbs of maximum breakout torque, 101,700 ft-lbs of maximum makeup torque, removable wrenches for lighter transport weight and the ability to use Range II drill pipe.

American Augers is a leading manufacturer of underground and utility construction equipment, including large directional drills, auger boring machines, mud pump and cleaning systems, trenchers and tooling and accessories. The company provides customer support around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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For more information, visit americanaugers.com.


Barbco BD2780TMBarbco BD2780TM

The BD380TM is one of many maxi-drills available from Barbco. It produces 380,000 lbs of pulling force and a pulling speed of 100 ft per minute from a two-drive rack-and-pinion carriage system. The rotary system utilizes an isolated, floating spinal with a 3-in. fluid course and has two speeds, 60,000 ft-lbs of torque at 49 rpm and 31,000 ft-lbs of torque at 95 rpm.

The BD380TM is powered by dual 350-hp Caterpillar C-9 diesel engines. One can be shut down to conserve fuel while maintaining top system forces. The second is used to speed the operations up. Either engine can be used to perform all operations if the other requires maintenance.
The operator’s climate-controlled cabin has seats for two people and dual displays. The controls are equipped with automated drilling modes and a unique customizable drillers interface that allow for up to three drillers to personalize their own screens and joystick functions. The tandem axle BD380 has an adjustable entry angle from 8 to 14 degrees and an automated rod handler with pipe supports. It weighs 88,000 lbs and is 102 in. wide with expandable catwalks.

For more information, visit barbco.com.


Herrenknecht AG HK250C-SDDHerrenknecht AG HK250C-SDD

Rising oil prices and reductions in conventional oil production have repeatedly given rise to concerns about scarcity problems. The economic focus is no longer on the exploration of large conventional deposits, but also increasingly on the many smaller and shallower deposits. This is why Herrenknecht has currently enhanced its machine portfolio and created an innovative drilling rig for Slanted Directional Drilling (SDD).

The result is a symbiosis of the two familiar drilling methods, horizontal (HDD) and vertical (VDD) directional drilling. While the entry angle in HDD lies between 7 and 18 degrees, in VDD it is 90 degrees to the Earth’s surface.

With the new SDD rig (type HK250C-SDD), drilling angles between 13 to 45 degrees to the horizontal can be realized. While the modularity and flexibility of the machine technology were taken from the area of horizontal drilling, the focus in machine and borehole safety lies in vertical drilling. Deposits at shallow depths can be quickly reached at an angle of 13 to 45 degrees as well as following them in long horizontal sections by the pushing ability of the HDD top drive system (rack and pinion).

For more information, visit herrenknecht.com.


Michael Byrne Mfg. CB56 Cradle Boring MachineMichael Byrne Mfg. CB56 Cradle Boring Machine

With the renaissance of energy and pipeline work across the United States, the need for quick installation for trenchless pipeline work has skyrocketed. Cradle boring and auger boring machines are often the most cost efficient method for trenchless covering less than 500 ft (typical shots are 80 to 200 ft).

Michael Byrne Mfg. offers one of the most powerful cradle boring machine available, the CB56, which features a 300-hp diesel engine, high torque gearbox with radial and thrust bearings, a 65-ton winch and multiple setups for shackles to increase thrust power. The CB56 features many innovative features and safety benefits, including load sensors, safety screens, casing adapter plates and more. The cradle boring machines are available in 24- and 36-in. models. Four 56-in. diameter machines have been operating in the Middle East with excellent results since early 2013.
The cradle bore method for trenchless applications is driven by the ability to bore quickly and a smaller footprint for the bore pit. The cradle machine is suspended by an excavator or pipelayer, which lets the material fall to the bottom of the pit and reduces the need to remove the spoil from the pit in many cases.

For more information, visit byrnegroup.com.


Prime Drilling (TT Technologies) PD 60/33Prime Drilling (TT Technologies) PD 60/33

Aurora, Illinois-based TT Technologies has introduced a new line of compact rigs from Prime Drilling. These rigs range from 66,000 to 180,000 lbs and have rotary torque up to 33,000 ft-lbs. The units are self-contained and therefore transportation and setup times are greatly reduced. The units feature a specially designed, space-saving, onboard high-pressure pump ideal for greater maneuverability and jobsite flexibility.

The Prime Drilling PD 60/33 (shown) with 135,000 lbs. of pullback is capable of bore lengths up to 3,200 ft with diameters up to 40 in. This rig is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine. A rack-and-pinion feed system powers the thrust and pullback functions of the direct drive, hydraulically powered rotary head. The PD 60/33 can be equipped with semi-automatic drill rod loading system. The control cabin is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat, heating and radio. Air conditioning and drill data log system options are also available.

TT Technologies offers the latest line of Prime Drilling HDD rigs. All models incorporate crawler style undercarriage and feature an open center hydraulic system with 100 percent of the oil filtered before returning to tank.

For more information, visit tttechnologies.com/products/prime_drilling.html.


Vermeer D220x300 NavigatorVermeer D220x300 Navigator

The Vermeer D220x300 Navigator HDD has 242,100 lbs of thrust/pullback and 30,200 ft-lbs of rotational torque. The D220x300 HDD has a high power-to-size ratio for its footprint of 37-ft long and 8.5 ft wide. This means the versatility to perform urban utility work, as well as large pipeline installation. The drill is self-contained, with an onboard operator cabin, mud pump, optional crane and rod stager. The smaller footprint provides more efficient access to confined jobsites and less need for extraneous support equipment.

The onboard Weatherford triplex mud pump has a maximum capacity of 330 gpm  and provides sufficient flow of drilling fluid for large-diameter pipe pullback. The D220x300 sliding-arm rod stager can stage five rods at a time, allowing for increased boring efficiency. Adding to the smaller footprint, this drill uses 20-ft rod instead of the longer 34-ft Range II drill pipe, which is standard for a drill of this capacity.

The D220x300 shares the same control platform as smaller HDD drills in the Navigator series. This allows drill operators the ability to operate a variety of drills, and will limit the time needed for new operator training when moving up from the smaller drills.

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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