... Pipeline Product Expo May 2014

Pipeline Product Expo: Track Mulchers, Grinders, Mowers and Other Right of Way Tools

Bandit Track Carriers/Forestry MowersBandit Track Carriers/Forestry Mowers

Bandit track carriers with forestry mower and stump grinder attachments have become extremely popular front-line site clearing machines for a variety of applications, including utility line clearing, gas and oil exploration, road construction, farmland clearing and much more. Their versatility is matched only by their performance, and with five models to choose from, there’s a Bandit track carrier for every clearing operation.

All Bandit track carriers feature exclusive Bandit-designed forestry mower heads. These mower heads are based on the technology used in Beast horizontal grinders to efficiently and effectively reduce trees and ground cover to mulch. Mower heads can be easily swapped with dedicated stump grinder heads in a matter of minutes, allowing these machines to conduct complete clearing operations in a single platform. Separate hydraulic systems for the grinding head and track drive make maintenance easier, while the deluxe, state-of-the-art cabs make operating these machines a pleasure.

Whether it’s the compact Model 3000, the maneuverable and capable Model 3500, the wide-track Model 3750, the aggressive Model 4000 or the 600-hp Model 5000, there’s a Bandit forestry mower ideally suited for any clearing operation.

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For more information, visit www.banditchippers.com.

FAE PrimeTech PT600FAE PrimeTech PT600

The PT600 is the top of the model range in the PrimeTech family. It encompasses a combination of new, enhanced and technically advanced features, designed for performance, safety and durability. The PT600 is the ideal prime mover for right of way, power line and pipeline applications.

The PT600 is powered by a 600-hp Cummins QSX15 engine and combined with Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics. The hydraulics system is equipped with a powerful cooling system to provide the customer with a high performance machine ready for the toughest environments.

The unit is built with an oscillating D7 Berco Undercarriage and can be equipped with the FAE Heavy Duty 500/U Mulcher, 500/S Tiller/Subsoiler or the 500/RC Rock Crusher.

For more information, visit www.faeusa.com.

Prinoth Raptor 800Prinoth Raptor 800

As a world leader of mulching technology, the Prinoth Raptor 800 was specifically developed for the hardest jobs such as heavy land clearing, vegetation management, right-of-way clearing, oil and gas exploration and pipeline maintenance. The Raptor 800 is the perfect combination of power and function. Down to the last detail, everything has been designed for reliability, ease of service and
high efficiency.

The patent-pending Power Belt System provides up to 30 percent more efficient power transfer compared to equivalent hydraulic systems, translating to more productivity and less fuel consumption. The Power Belt System is reliable and easy to maintain, providing lower overall operating costs.

Safety is ensured by means of certified ROPS/FOPS structures and features an optional automatic fire-extinguishing system in the engine compartment. The cab protection device (front guard) is also tested and approved to ISO 10262.

The electronically controlled traction drive allows you to navigate the Raptor 800 with pinpoint accuracy even in the most difficult terrains. All machine functions are controlled through a CANBUS system. The high-torque, electronically controlled 6-cylinder Caterpillar turbo diesel engine with an output of 630 hp develops its maximum torque of 2,769 Nm at 1,400 rpm.

For more information, visit www.prinoth.com.

ProGrind Systems GrindersProGrind Systems Grinders

ProGrind Systems offers not only a high quality grinder, but also a tool carrier for several pipeline needs. Owners would be able to save money by having one machine that can run several attachments.

The power pack features a C-13 440-hp engine matched up with a Rexroth pump and has a large oil capacity and cooler to keep the oil cool for a long hydraulic system life. The grinder head has a 50-in. long, 26-in. diameter rotor with patented teeth that makes it unmatched in the tree grinding. Exclusive to ProGrind is a rotating head to help take trees down in narrow places.

ProGrind also makes a heavy duty stump grinder that will rapidly grind the stumps in the ground so they don’t have to be dug up and disposed of. The same power pack makes the job easy. The stump grinder has a 4-ft diameter, 3-in. thick steel disk that will remove any size stump.

If the operator needs to dig ditches, they can put on the bucket and dig like a normal excavator. The ProGrind System can also enhance other attachments such as crush-all bucket crushers. The power pack allows the operator to move while crushing, which makes bedding the pipe go faster.

For more information, visit www.progrindsystems.com.

Rayco RH1754 Track Horizontal GrinderRayco RH1754 Track Horizontal Grinder

The only thing better than a compact horizontal grinder is a compact horizontal grinder on tracks. Rayco’s RH1754 Horizontal Grinder is now available in a self-propelled version that rides on a heavy-duty, steel track undercarriage. This adds another element of versatility to the RH1754, making it easier to move the machine around jobsites and to perform tasks like windrowing material or sorting material into different piles.

The 240-hp, RH1754-240 on tracks weighs in at 20,500 lbs and is less than 8 ft wide to avoid permits when trailering. A wireless radio remote operates each track independently to provide precise control, and two-speed final drives allow for creeping speed or high-speed travel.

The RH1754 is an economical solution for producing high quality mulch from a variety of wood waste materials, pallets, wood chips, etc. This horizontal grinder on tracks is designed with the small contractor in mind.

For more information, visit www.raycomfg.com.

Supertrak SK350PP Power PacksSupertrak SK350PP Power Packs

Supertrak is proud to offer an industry first product line of high performance power packs for excavators. Supertrak has been one of the pioneers in the vegetation management industry since 1986. The company has developed several custom-built mulching tractors and wheeled product lines over the years and has evolved with the industry to offer maximum horsepower in small packages.

Supertrak has launched a new line of Tier 4 power packs to fit tracked excavators from 12 to 30 tons. These power packs range from 140 to 450 hp, depending on excavator base carriers. The new SK350PP is designed to match equal weight of traditional standard counterweight for ease of machine transportation and is equipped with a Cat C9.3 Tier 4 engine, which delivers 100 gpm at
5,500 psi.

Supertrak’s cooling system features heavy-duty, high-debris combination charge air, radiator and oil cooler. Roof louvers get air out of the enclosure quickly. The system features a large intake area with optional debris screens. Not only can this power pack be track-mounted, it can be built to be a stand online power unit for jobsites. With a track-mounted power pack equipped with a mulcher, it becomes a high-production land management machine. Depending on excavator reach, it can clear and maintain steep side slope of remote areas, ditch banks, power lines, gas lines and more.

For more information, visit www.faeusa.com.