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American Augers DD-110American Augers DD-110

The American Augers line of underground construction equipment is manufactured at the company’s 241,000 sq-ft facility in West Salem, Ohio, in the heart of Amish country between Columbus and Cleveland. The product line includes auger boring machines, maxi-rig and mid-size directional drills, oil and gas drilling rigs, mud pumps and cleaning systems and product tooling and accessories.

American Augers was the first HDD manufacturer to eliminate chain and use a rack-and-pinion carriage design, which is now the industry standard. This rack-and-pinion drive provides smoother carriage movement, more precise operating control, long system life and no complicated parts.

The most popular product from American Augers is its DD-110 horizontal directional drill, which features:
• Quick disconnect anchor plate for multiple
drilling angles
• Available with 15- or 20-ft pipe loader
• Thrust/pullback of 110,000 lbs
• 14,000 ft-lbs of rotary torque

In addition to the usual American Augers quality and innovation, the DD-110 has a state-of-the-art operator’s cabin, Quiet Pak noise reduction system and an on-board mud pump.

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All American Augers machines are supported through a dedicated parts and technical service department with a rubust warranty that ranks among the best in the market.

For more information, visit www.americanaugers.com.

Herrenknecht HK250C Crawler RigHerrenknecht HK250C Crawler Rig

With 550,000 lbs of push/pull force, the German engineered and built Herrenknecht HK250C HDD workhorse has now been put on track for optimum jobsite mobility. The most popular Herrenknecht maxi-sized rig is now available as a crawler version with a unit weight of 92,000 lbs.

The onboard sound-proof power pack is driven by a 640-hp Cat C18 engine ready to deliver fully adjustable 67,000 ft-lbs of torque. Thereby the power pack noise rating is at 80 dB(A) at a distance of 7 m.

The main feature of the drilling system consists of the strong and full-way moveable break-out unit that variably clamps up to 12-in. diameter tool joints. Customers can choose between the 10- or 20-ft control cabin with the field-proven Herrenknecht control set-up, consisting of touchscreen visualization, operator chair with easy to operate joysticks for full control and full information. The system also includes data logging, computer diagnostics and the possibility for online remote area access for information exchange or service from anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit www.herrenknecht.com.

Prime Drilling PD 60/30 Rig (TT Technologies)Prime Drilling PD 60/30 Rig (TT Technologies)

Aurora, Ill.-based TT Technologies is now offering the latest Prime Drilling HDD rig with 135,000 lbs of pullback. The new PD 60/30 is compact, yet powerful and technically advanced. Because the unit is self-contained, transport and set-up times are greatly reduced. The unit features a specially designed, space-saving, onboard high-pressure pump ideal for greater maneuverability and jobsite flexibility.

The Prime Drilling PD 60/30 is capable of drilling lengths up to 3,200 ft with diameters up to 40 in. The unit is powered by a water-cooled Deutz diesel engine. A rack-and-pinion feed system powers the thrust and pullback functions of the rotary head.

The PD 60/30 can be equipped with semi-automatic drill rod magazines with 98- or 236-ft capacities. The control cabin is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat, heating and radio. Air conditioning and drill data log system options are also available.

TT Technologies offers the latest line of Prime Drilling small and midsize drill rigs from 72,000 to 225,000 lbs of pullback. All models incorporate crawler style undercarriage and feature an open center hydraulic system. TT Technologies also offers the complete line of Prime Drilling maxi drill rigs from 335,000 to 1.3 million lbs of pullback.

For more information, visit www.tttechnologies.com/products/prime_drilling.html.

Puradyn 240 Bypass Oil Filtration SystemPuradyn 240 Bypass Oil Filtration System

The Puradyn Bypass Oil Filtration System significantly lowers the cost of oil-related maintenance by allowing lubricating oil to remain continuously clean, maintaining proper viscosity and replenishing base additives (in engines). Suitable for engine and hydraulic applications, the Puradyn system reduces new oil purchases and equipment downtime, and simplifies logistics through the reduction of oil transport to remote locations, waste oil handling and disposal. The system is ideal for vertical and/or horizontal directional drill rigs and works with all types of fuel in all types of environments, including temperature, precipitation and altitude extremes.

By filtering solid contaminants to below one micron while removing gaseous and liquid contamination, the Puradyn 240 Model Systems provides microfiltration for engines with an oil sump capacity of up to 85 gallons and can be used in multiples on engines that hold amounts of lubricating oil in excess of 400 gallons. A simple oil analysis will check oil condition, including wear metals and viscosity levels, for a reported “good for continued use,” keeping the oil and your equipment in operation.

Remote monitoring of the system enables equipment to operate safely and continuously until the sensor and/or oil analysis indicates the need to change oil. Working together, the Puradyn system, oil analysis and sensor will keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.

For more information, visit www.puradyn.com.

Prime Drilling PD 60/30 Rig (TT Technologies)Tulsa Rig Iron MCS-355 Mud Cleaning System

Tulsa Rig Iron’s MCS-355 is an ideal mud cleaning system for drilling contractors that are looking to pair with small to mid-sized drill rigs. This operator friendly mud cleaning system features 250- to 350-gpm normal cleaning volumes, a 3,000-gallon two compartment tank, a linear motion five-panel combo shaker, six 5-in. desilting hydrocyclones and a 45-kW generator.

The design of the rear discharge shaker makes for ease of use in narrow work areas such as city streets. Also available is Tulsa Rig Iron’s new adjustable while drilling option, which allows simple quick shaker deck angle adjustments on the fly.

Tulsa Rig Iron is an industry leading manufacturer of mud mixing and recycling systems, mud pumps and hydrostatic testing systems. Fourth quarter 2013 marked a significant company milestone when it completed a huge facility expansion that doubled its manufacturing capacity. Tulsa Rig Iron’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Kiefer, Okla., a suburb just outside of Tulsa.

For more information, visit www.tulsarigiron.com.

Vermeer D330x500 Navigator Horizontal Directional DrillVermeer D330x500 Navigator Horizontal Directional Drill

The Vermeer D330x500 Navigator horizontal directional drill rig features a 540-hp Caterpillar C-15 diesel engine that gives operators a ground-penetrating 50,000 ft-lbs of rotational torque and 330,000 lbs of thrust/pullback. This amount of power allows the D330x500 to drill through difficult ground conditions.

All operator functions can be performed from the comfort of the self-contained cabin, eliminating the need to perform some functions remotely, hence helping to increase productivity. Included is an onboard computer diagnostics system containing fault codes for enhancing serviceability and help in troubleshooting problems.

The AutoDrill feature allows operators to preset thrust/pullback settings for convenience and enhanced productivity and performance while the self-contained design of the unit allow for easy setup and convenient highway transport.

For more information, visit www.vermeer.com.


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