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Pipeline Product Expo: Pipe Bending, Beveling Machines

CRC-Evans Centurion Bending MachineCRC-Evans Centurion Bending Machine

A high-performance bending machine, CRC-Evans’ Centurion Bending Machine is built to take on today’s heavy-wall and high-yield pipe, as well as standard pipe, where high productivity is required.

The Centurion delivers 68 percent more travel speed and 39 percent more bending force than standard machines, and is the next generation of state-of-the-art pipe bending machines. The Centurion features outstanding hydraulics and a quick-starting engine with reduced noise and cold-start packages, with a single operator able to oversee all functions. With the Centurion, outboard cylinder travel is now 82 percent faster than the standard design, because of a new, high-capacity pump system. The increase in bending force is a result of increased cylinder size and higher pressure rating. The machine has been designed with a strong frame to offer increased bending capacity, and the hydraulic pump automatically adjusts output and pressure to engine horsepower.

The Centurion’s newly supplied diesel engine is designed for rugged dependability in all weather conditions, and use of standard tie-rod type bending cylinders allows for easy maintenance and accessibility to spare parts. Models are available to bend pipes from 6 to 20 in., 16 to 30 in. and 22 to 36 in.

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For more information, visit www.crc-evans.com.

Darby Primus Bending MachineDarby Primus Bending Machine

Darby Equipment has added a new version of its 6- to 20-in. pipe bending machine to its family of products. In addition to the standard Darby product advantages, the new Darby Primus model now offers contractors more operational ease, power and speed.

A 109-hp Cat engine driving a hydraulic vane pump moves oil at a rate of 40 gallons per minute at 2,200 rpm to facilitate shorter bending time. The new machine has a longer stiffback, rubber tracks and a 91-gallon hydraulic tank to keep system oil cooler. The Primus also incorporates 8-in. outboard cylinders, 7-in. inboard cylinders, a 5-in. pin-up cylinder, filtration of both supply and return oil in the hydraulic system, all anchored to one of the most rugged, reliable frames in the industry.

As with all Darby hydraulic cylinders, the Primus cylinders are designed for ease of repair in the field and have positive seals. The proven Parker Seal-Lok hydraulic system prevents leaks and has a working pressure rating of 3,000 psi. The new Primus incorporates all the premium engineering of earlier models and adds more speed and operational ease to provide contractors with another rugged and reliable machine capable of bending any pipe anywhere.

For more more information, visit www.darbyequip.com.

E.H. Wachs DCB Deep Counter Bore Tool SlideE.H. Wachs DCB Deep Counter Bore Tool Slide

E.H. Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame series of pipe cutters and bevelers is further enhanced with the addition of the new counter-boring tool slide, the DCB Deep Counter Bore.  Used to create transitions between two different wall schedules and to facilitate X-ray weld inspection, these tools are available in two types, the DCB3 with a 3-in. stroke and DCB6 with a 6-in. stroke for deeper counter bores.
E.H. Wachs LCSF split frame is named for its ability to split in half at the frame for use on inline pipe, ideal for pipeliners. The LCSF uses the preferred cold cutting method for severing and beveling, eliminating the risks associated with hot torching and grinding and preventing an undesirable HAZ (Heat Affected Zone). It uses two tool slides designed to cut and bevel simultaneously, quickly delivering a precise, weld-ready finish for perfect fit-ups.  With the ability to cut, bevel, single point, face flanges and now with expanded counter-boring capabilities, the LCSF is the industry’s most complete portable machining system.

More about the DCB series:
• New tool slides designed for straight counterboring and pipe wall transitions.
• Used where joining different pipe schedules and radiographic X-ray weld inspection.
• Feeds both axially and radially, to create straight counter-bores or tapered transitions.
• Mounts to Wachs standard or out-of-round tool slides that tracks the pipe contour.
• Fits all Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame models for versatility.

For more information, visit www.ehwachs.com.

Maats Bending MachinesMaats Bending Machines

In addition to its range of pipeline equipment, Maats has developed a program (16- to 60-in.) of the strongest and safest bending machines available in the market. The robust and reliable machines are designed to provide maximum performance and handle current and future heavy-wall, high-strength pipe. The strong construction and precision hydraulics ensure high performance and maximum economy.

The specially constructed high-strength steel frames and heavy-duty Liebherr components provide a capacity of bending up to 1-in. thick wall X100 of the maximum loadable pipe size and allow the machines to carry out work in all possible climates without compromising the performance.

Numerous safety features are standard equipped and incorporated in the design. Operation and maintenance are kept easy with the straightforward machine layout. All hydraulic controls are located on the operator stand, providing the comfort and safety of commanding all bending operations from one place.

High quality materials used in the design provide maximum reliability. The long component service lives and low service costs effectively reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Built mainly with Liebherr components, service and spare parts for the Maats pipe bending machines can be easily obtained anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit www.maats.com.

Pipetech Surebend Measuring SystemPipetech Surebend Measuring System

Pipetech offers specialized pipeline construction equipment sales and rental worldwide, with an equipment lineup that includes hydraulic pipe bending machines, bending dies and bending sets, pneumatic “self-centering” wedge mandrels, hydraulic wedge mandrels, hydraulic disk mandrels, internal pneumatic line-up clamps and the Surebend Measuring System.

The Surebend Measuring System saves time, increases safety and ensures a quality bend for all pipe sizes. The system consists of one receiver unit, one left transmitter and one right. The transmitters have very strong magnets powered by lithium batteries. The display shows angles of both ends and the net bend in the pipe. The Surebend system comes in a durable carrying case for ease and convenience.

Pipetech carries a full range of pipe bending dies and sets. All dies are precisely machined and polyurethane lined to protect the pipe from damage during the bending process. All polyurethane lined bending sets are manufactured and designed to fit all model and most brand name hydraulic pipe bending machines. All bending machines require a bending set for each API-5L pipe size to be bent. All lined bending sets are lined with a special polyurethane lining to protect epoxy-coated, thin-film, polyethylene tape,and extruded polypropylene lined pipe. Special sizes are available upon request.

For more information, visit www.pipetech.net.