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Pipeline Product Expo: Right of Way Clearing, Restoration

The May/June Pipeline Product Expo focuses on equipment used in clearing and restoring the right of way.

APEX XA500 Applicator APEX XA500 Applicator

Originally created by one of the industry’s leading contractors, APEX Applicators are professionally designed, manufactured, and supported by a team that has global experience in hydro seeding and environmental spray on applications. APEX is designed for material versatility, durability, extremely low maintenance, and a long life cycle.

The APEX XA5000 has a tank capacity of 4,740 gallons with two powerful, variable speed, hydraulically driven agitators. Each component provides maximum life, minimum maintenance, and increases operator productivity. The features of the APEX XA5000 include a stainless steel mixing tank with corrosion reducing materials for the tank top and working platform. The unit features a raised loading hatch, a fully enclosed engine compartment, an innovatively designed hydraulic design that maximizes efficiency while eliminating the high maintenance demands of traditional hydraulic systems.

The innovative APEX power pack design is removable, replaceable, and upgradable to extend the life of your tank while keeping up with the latest technologies and requirements for engines and pumps. Both Tier 3 and Tier 4F Cummins engines are available. APEX Applicators feature a Vortex slurry pump that discharges a wide variety of materials without modifications to the pump or adjusting the mixing instructions of mulch manufacturers and allows maximum emptying of the slurry tank.

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For more information, visit apexseeder.com.

Barko B-Series Industrial Wheeled TractorsBarko B-Series Industrial Wheeled Tractors

Offering a heavy-duty design for maneuvering across rough terrain, Barko’s B-Series Industrial Wheeled Tractors provide excellent fuel efficiency while increasing productivity. The machines deliver consistent performance for land clearing, right-of-way maintenance, site prep and other large commercial and municipal applications.

The 937B model is powered by a 380-hp Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 Final diesel engine with SCR after-treatment, while the 930B features a 320-hp engine. A high-flow hydraulic pump produces 113 gallons per minute (gpm) at 5,500 psi for the 937B and 91 gpm at 5,000 psi for the 930B. The tractors’ unique 45-degree articulation joint withstands extreme stress and tough terrain, along with a turning radius of 15 ft, 9 in. to work in tight spaces. A hydrostatic transmission with two-speed transfer case allows for controlled operation speeds and travel speeds up to 15.8 mph for the 937B and 12.2 mph for the 930B.

Barko’s exclusive Quick Attach system allows for fast attachment changes. While often used with mulching heads, the tractors can also be fitted with many other common attachments, such as rotary mowers, soil stabilizers, stump grinders, root rakes, rock crushers, loader buckets, snow plows, sweepers and more. Founded in 1963, Barko Hydraulics LLC is part of the Pettibone LLC Heavy Equipment Group.

For more information, visit barko.com.

FAE PrimeTech PT-300 Industrial Track MulcherFAE PrimeTech PT-300 Industrial Track Mulcher

Located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, FAE is known for manufacturing a variety of PTO- and hydraulic-driven cutter heads for the land clearing sector, as well as a full line of PrimeTech PT-series tracked carriers, such as the PT-300.

The PT-300 delivers is designed to deliver higher power to the mulcher head compared to other same category products on the market. From day one, the PrimeTech was built to operate in the most demanding right of way land clearing and site prep conditions. With a highly maneuverable carrier, this FAE mulcher is built to withstand extreme stress and tough terrain

The PT-300 is among the top mulchers for large commercial applications. It also provides the best-in-class fuel efficiency, increased work productivity and among the lowest total cost of operation than any other equivalent product on the market. The PT-300 can be equipped with different head options, including a mulcher, stump cutter, subsoiler, rock crusher and asphalt grinder.

The PT-300 is equipped with a 6.8-liter John Deere six-cylinder inline engine, which delivers 275 hp; a Berco D4 oscillating undercarriage, with 32/in. low ground pressure shoe; Sauer Danfoss hydraulic system, with a robust cooling system; a rearview camera for added safety and visibility; and a best-in-class comfortable cab with maximized visibility.

For more information, visit faeusa.com.

Fecon FTX128R Rubber Tracked MulcherFecon FTX128R Rubber Tracked Mulcher

Fecon Inc is proud to introduce the FTX128R Rubber Tracked Mulcher. The new rubber undercarriage utilizes a heavy duty bogie roller system and metal imbedded rubber tracks. The FTX128R offers 23 in. of ground clearance, powerful steering, excellent traction and ground pressure rating of 4.5 psi for responsive handling in soft wet conditions.

The FTX128R is ideal for right of way clearing where working on both sides of the road is necessary, or for moving a short distance to the next clearing site. The ride quality is smooth with excellent performance on or off pavement.

The FTX128R features attachment versatility with a quick attach coupler combined with up to 60 GPM of in cab adjustable high flow and optional pressure adjustment. Fecon also supplies many forestry and construction related attachments to make the FTX128R the best choice for mulching, tree shearing, stump grinding and even asphalt milling with wider cold planers.

For more information, visit fecon.com.

Loftness Battle Ax Mulching AttachmentLoftness Battle Ax Mulching Attachment

Loftness has introduced the Battle Ax mulching attachment for 7- to 15-ton excavators to its VMLogix line of products. Featuring a new rotor, exclusive two-stage cutting chamber and direct-drive variable displacement piston motor, the heavy-duty Battle Ax is designed for highly efficient vegetation management, including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, forestry applications and more.
The Battle Ax is available with 41-, 51- and 61-in. cutting widths. Its 17-in. diameter rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. The variable displacement piston motor on the Battle Ax is designed to accommodate the output of various excavators. The motor is directly mounted to the rotor with an anti-vibration coupler to eliminate the hassle of drive belts and reduce overall maintenance concerns of the mulching attachment.

Two tooth options are available: ultra-sharp Quadco reversible knives and highly durable carbide teeth. Thanks to a two-stage cutting chamber, which allows material to be cut twice by the rotor, both styles of teeth are capable of producing some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry.

For more information, visit loftness.com.

Rayco C200 MulcherRayco C200 Mulcher

For the ultimate in compact, powerful mulchers, look no further than Rayco’s C200. The C200 is powered by a 200-hp Isuzu diesel and tips the scales at only 18,500 lbs. Due to its size and weight, the C200 can be transported to and from the job easily. Its narrow profile makes the C200 the ultimate for ROW clearing on narrow lines as well as for use in larger scale clearing projects.

The C200 rides on a hi-track, steel undercarriage available with two-speed travel and is available with 20-in. single-grouser tracks for extreme traction or triple-grouser street pads for applications that require minimal soil disturbance. The hi-track undercarriage promotes longer track life, reduces debris packing in the track chain and cleans easily to save maintenance time.

Because it’s purpose-built, the C200 is loaded with features operators appreciate. Loader-style lift arms provide a mulcher lift height of 8-ft, making it easier for mulching taller vegetation. The operator cabin is comfortable and spacious, with a high-backed, heated seat with air-ride suspension. The rear fan is auto-reversing, reducing maintenance time. All gauges and controls are located on a large LCD display that includes a rearview camera.

For more information, visit raycomfg.com.

Tigercat 480B Mulcher and 4061 Mulching HeadTigercat 480B Mulcher and 4061 Mulching Head

Tigercat’s next generation 480B track mulcher and brand new 4061 mulching head offer durability and reliability for tackling tough terrain for large-scale, time-sensitive right-of-way and site preparation projects.
With a power rating of 411 kW (550 hp) at 1,800 rpm, the Tigercat FPT C13 Tier 4f engine offers quick load response, low operating costs and high power density, combined with excellent fuel economy on the 480B. Best of all, Tigercat FPT engines are backed by Tigercat warranty and support.

The 4061 mulching head is ideally suited to the capabilities of the Tigercat 480 and M726 series mulchers. The 4061 is manufactured to Tigercat’s exacting high standards for robustness and quality. The housing features reinforced side covers and abrasion resistant skis. The housing is optimized with debris door cylinders mounted internally for protection and contains position references to aid in ski alignment. The 4061 wear liner requires no welding and the rotor does not need to be removed when servicing. There are also reversible and interchangeable shear bars for quick servicing. In addition, a tapered housing shields debris from potential build-up and easily accessible grease points make daily servicing even more convenient.

For more information, visit tigercat.com.

Crusher Rental & Sales Inc. Model 48P01 Trench Boss Pipeline Padding MachineCrusher Rental & Sales Inc. Model 48P01 Trench Boss Pipeline Padding Machine

The Model 48P01 Trench Boss padder by Crusher Rental & Sales Inc. (CR&S) features a a 300-hp Tier 3 Cummins power unit and a patent-pending dual drum feed mechanism, which results in no chain, sprocket and flight wear. The articulated main frame allows side-to-side leveling.

Other features include a hydraulic track system and a 48-in. cleated feed belt conveyor. The unit has a 4-ft by 8-ft single deck adjustable stroke scalping screen with a direct drive hydraulic motor, which customers can specify the screen cloth opening size. A 24-in. wide by 10-ft long dual drive reversing cross conveyor allows for the discharge of oversize material to either side of the unit. The Trench Boss features a 24-in. wide by 14-ft long dual drive reversing product conveyor, hydraulic side shift, hydraulic fold head and tail section for transport, and hydraulic adjustable product diverter panels mounted on head and tail sections.
Hydraulic controls raise and lower the feed tunnel, as well as the vibrating screen and conveyor section. The machine allows for wireless remote operation with a mercury switch emergency shut down, as well as ground level emergency stop buttons. The 500-gallon on board water system controls dust.

For more information, visit crushboss.com.

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