... Pipeline Product EXPO: Drilling, Boring Rigs

Pipeline Product EXPO: Drilling, Boring Rigs

American AugersAmerican Augers DD-660RS

American Augers has always been a company that seeks to provide industry leading equipment to the pipeline and utility markets. This is evident in the release of the new DD-660RS, a 660,000-lb (300-tonne) HDD boring system. This system incorporates many of the steadfast features provided by previous models with some state-of-the-art enhancements. Foremost among these enhancements is a new microprocessor control system with a touch screen display. This system allows the operator to fine tune the drilling capacity to the specifications of the product being installed.

A “Rapid Setup” feature reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to assemble and disassemble the jobsite for drilling or transportation. Rapid Setup systems are exclusive to American Augers maxi HDD trailered systems and have proven to reduce transportation and setup efforts making the crews more efficient. The enclosed power units will be offered in Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final versions. Both use hydraulically controlled cooling fans for efficient cooling and greatly reduced noise emissions.
American Augers builds some of the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry and a full range of auger boring machines. Developed and hand-crafted in the United States with the rugged user in mind, American Augers rigs are built to last and backed with 24-hour worldwide support.

For more information, visit americanaugers.com.

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BarbcoBarbco FlexBor System

Barbco launched its new FlexBor system last year. The FlexBor method is designed to virtually eliminate inadvertent returns (frac-outs) that are often associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD). This product eliminates many of the concerns and/or deficiencies of those methods individually.

In addition, the FlexBor reduces costs with time it’s saving capabilities. It also reduces expenses by requiring one head to create the needed hole diameter and often shortening the length needed to install the product. This gets the machines centerline on, or close to the elevation of the proposed bore. The use of augers within allows for the cuttings to be removed mechanically and controlled with the assistance of air and/or water. The cuttings and down hole pressures are retained in casing while being carried to the surface.

With traditional trenchless installation, there are often problems and concerns related to the environmental disruptions caused during drilling. The FlexBor system helps protect wetlands from inadvertent release of drilling fluids at a cost effective, environmentally safe trenchless manner.

For more information, visit barbco.com.

Ditch WitchDitch Witch JT100 All TerrainDirectional Drill

The Ditch Witch JT100 All Terrain is built for extended-range bores and installations of large-diameter pipe with 100,000 lbs of pullback and 12,000 ft-lbs of torque. The machine’s 268-hp engine delivers more raw power more efficiently to all machine functions so installation can be completed faster. And with its exclusive, patented two-pipe drilling system, the JT100 All Terrain can install pipe in most ground formations, including solid rock.

The power of the JT100 All Terrain allows for an addition of an optional onboard crane to load and unload pipe boxes, anchor the unit, and handle downhole tools, especially drill pipe — saving contractor’s significant time and money by reducing the need to acquire and transport additional support equipment, such as an excavator.

Ditch Witch also provides the smaller JT60 and JT60 All Terrain horizontal directional drills, which give operators the flexibility of a smaller footprint drill without losing the power with its 60,000 lbs of pullback and 9,000 ft-lbs of torque. The machine’s 200-hp Tier 4i engine efficiently delivers power to all machine functions so installation can be completed faster. The exclusive, patented two-pipe drilling system gives JT60 All Terrain operators more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class.
For more information, visit ditchwitch.com.

McLaughlinMcLaughlin McL-10 Pit Launch Drill

McLaughlin offers two McL-10 pit launch drills. The 5-ft model is ideal for limited access jobsites and smaller entry pits. This model is used in downtown areas that cannot be accessed with traditional surface-launch directional drills. The 7-ft model is best suited for projects with more access. This model offers enhanced productivity because there is less making and breaking of rods.

Both models have 1,030 ft-lbs (1396.5 Nm) of torque and 13,250 lbs (58.9 kN) of pullback. They use a standard locator-transmitter beacon, horizontal directional drill head and HDD tooling. Mud mixing system and hydraulic power pack accessories are also available.

Pit launch directional drills are frequently used by non-traditional HDD contractors. They are straight-hydraulic machines that are simple to operate and very reliable. Like with any piece of equipment, it’s important that operators receive proper training and follow standard HDD practices and OSHA regulations for pit set up.

For more information, visit mclaughlinunderground.com.

TT TechnologiesTT Technologies Oil & Gas Pipe Rammer Package

TT Technologies recently introduced a pipe rammer and bentonite system package for oil and gas pipeline installation projects. The pipeliner package features an 18-inch diameter Grundoram Goliath pneumatic pipe ramming system and a Grundomudd 500 bentonite mixing/delivery system.

During the ramming process the rammer is attached to the rear of the casing. The tool then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows. The Goliath rammer installs steel pipes and casings from 24 to 56 in. in diameter. The rammer can also be used for the slick-bore process, installing a bore pipe, which, when removed, pulls the product pipe into place. Ramming provides accurate installation
of casing in a wide range of soil without surface slump, making it ideal for installations under railways and roads.

The pipeliner package is also useful in HDD assist and rescue applications. The rammer can be used to salvage product pipe after a failed bore, install Conductor Barrel casings, remove stuck drill stems and assist drills during product pullback, preventing hydro-lock.

For more information, visit www.tttechnologies.com.

VermeerVermeer D220x300 S3 Navigator Horizontal Directional Drill

The Vermeer D220x300 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill is designed for 16- to 24-in. pipeline projects. The machine has 242,100 lbs of thrust/pullback and 30,750 ft-lbs of rotational torque. The D220x300 S3 has a high power-to-size ratio for its footprint of 38.7 ft long and 8.5 ft wide. This means the versatility to perform urban utility work, as well as pipeline installations up to 24 in. in diameter.

The drill is self-contained with an onboard operator cab, rod stager, and optional crane and mud pump. The smaller footprint provides access to confined jobsites and reduces the need for support equipment.
Speed, simplicity and sound are the trademarks of the Vermeer S3 generation of horizontal directional drills. The D220x300 S3 has an operator ear sound rating of 85 dBA. The reduced sound levels help contractors comply with noise regulations in urban areas and contributes to a quieter work environment for the crew.

The available onboard Weatherford triplex mud pump has a maximum capacity of 350 gpm, provides sufficient flow of drilling fluid for large-diameter pipe pullback, and can efficiently power a mud motor for pilot bores in hard ground conditions. The D220x300 S3 HDD sliding-arm rod stager can stage five rods at a time, which increases boring efficiency. This drill also minimizes its footprint by using a 20.3-ft rod instead of the longer 34-ft Range II drill pipe.

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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