... Pipeline Product Expo: Welding

Pipeline Product Expo: Welding

Hobart_FabCO_812-Ni1MHobart FabCo 812-Ni1M Flux-Cored Wire

The new FabCO 812-Ni1M wire from Hobart has been formulated to provide excellent low-temperature impact toughness for critical applications, including offshore drilling rigs, transmission and process piping, jackup rig fabrication and shipbuilding.

Low diffusible hydrogen levels and low moisture pickup further mitigate the risk of cracking, even after wire exposure and can reduce preheat requirements to minimize downtime for weld preparation. This gas-shielded low alloy wire consistently maintains good mechanical properties in the as-welded condition and after post-weld stress relief. It creates a weld deposit containing less than 1 percent nickel and less than 248 HV10 hardness, allowing it to meet NACE requirements demanded by many oil and gas applications.

Operating with a shielding gas blend of 70 to 80 percent argon and a balance of carbon dioxide, the FabCO 812-Ni1M wire creates welds with a tensile strength of 93,000 psi and yield strength of 80,000 psi. The wire is usable for all-position welding for single- or multi-pass applications and is available in 0.045-, 0.052- and 1/16-in. diameters on 33-lb spools.

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Hobart Brothers Co. is headquartered in Troy, Ohio, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc.
For more information, visit hobartbrothers.com.

Lincoln-AlliancePipe10712smLincoln Electric SAE-300 MP Engine-Driven Welder

Field applications, such as pipeline construction or general construction require reliable, rugged equipment that stands up to rough conditions on the jobsite. The recently launched SAE-300 MP Pure DC Generator Welder, the latest engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric, responds to these challenges, delivering consistent power and maximum control no matter how hot or cold, how long the pipeline or how tough the job.

This new engine-driven welder features Temperature Stabilization, which enables operators to “set it and forget it,” eliminating any need for adjustments based on ambient conditions or a warm-up period.

Its standard, built-in CV output contactor supports all wire-welding processes and eliminates the need for a separate wire feeder module and the downtime associated with installing it. An OCV Boost function can be used to aid starting and low-amperage welding, while a standard, on-board block heater pre-heats the engine for use in cold environments.

The SAE-300 MP features a 24.7-hp Perkins water-cooled, turbo-charged engine. The machine produces 300 amps DC/32 volts at 60 percent duty cycle and 250 amps DC/30 volts at 100 percent duty cycle. It also provides 3,000 watts of AC generator power. All-copper windings and flat DC output ensure a smooth, stable arc that enhances
arc control to help operators keep defects to a minimum, avoiding cutouts and costly repairs.
For more information, visit lincolnelectric.com.

Miller-Big-Blue-800-Duo-ProMiller Big Blue 800 Duo Pro with FieldPro

The Big Blue 800 Duo Pro with FieldPro Smart Feeder compatibility improves productivity and efficiency in field welding applications. The multiprocess system from Miller can run conventional stick, TIG, FCAW and MIG welding — and now advanced Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) and pulsed MIG processes with the addition of the FieldPro Smart Feeder. These advanced processes help to reduce weld failures and can eliminate backing gas on some stainless and chrome-moly pipe welding applications.

The FieldPro Smart Feeder brings complete control to the welding operator at the joint, optimizing uptime and simplifying parameter adjustments and process changeover, while helping to improve overall weld quality and productivity. Eliminating the need to travel to and from the power source also improves safety by limiting
jobsite movement.

Operators can perform RMD and Pulsed MIG welding up to 200 ft away from the power source, with no control cables that can cause clutter and hassle on a jobsite. Controls are labeled in common welder terminology to make it simple and intuitive to use.
For more information, visit millerwelds.com.

RMS-DJ-Rack-134RMS Welding Systems Double Jointing Services

The RMS Welding Systems double-jointing (DJ) facility in Camrose, Alberta, has close proximity to road, rail and coating facilities, enabling North American clients to simplify their pipe supply logistics.

Joining 40-ft (12-m) DRL pipe into 80-ft (24-m) “double-joints,” the facility can handle diameters NPS 16 to 48 in. (406-1219 mm). Typically processing high strength steel line pipe, lower grades can also be processed.

Prior to welding, pipe ends are machined to maximize quality and productivity. One ID and two OD welding stations employing the robust double submerged arc welding (DSAW) process are used, ensuring high quality, high productivity, and low cost. Following visual inspection, nondestructive examination (NDE) using automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) is employed, for the ultimate in flaw detection capability.

Welding and NDE methodology, qualification, and acceptance criteria are according to specification and customer supplemental criteria (impact toughness, hardness, etc.) as required.
For more information, visit rmsweldingsystems.com.


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