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Enduro Dual-Diameter, Multi-Diameter PigsEnduro Dual-Diameter, Multi-Diameter Pigs

Enduro Dual-Diameter and Multi-Diameter pigs are designed to traverse pipeline systems with varying diameter changes and provide a quality cleaning, batching or purging service. The butterfly cups and discs are designed to collapse in the smaller diameters and expand in the larger diameters while maintaining an excellent seal. Dual and Multi-Diameter pigs can be equipped with brushes, blades and magnets to enhance the removal of debris.
Line size dictates how the brushes and blades are mounted to the pig. Brushes will be embedded into the urethane discs for lines smaller than 16-in. in diameter. Pipelines 16-in. and larger will require the use of cantilever arm springs with the brush or blade attached. Both styles will provide 360-degrees of internal pipe wall coverage in every diameter the pig passes through. Sizes ranging from 3×4-in., 6×10-in., 12×24-in., 36×48-in. and all ranges in between are available and can be designed to pass 1.5D bend radii.
Dual and Multi-Diameter pigs can also be equipped with gauging plates and transmitters for tracking and locating purposes. All components can also be replaced as required. Pipeline parameters and project objective will dictate how the pig will be assembled.
For more information, visit enduropls.com.

Pipetel Explorer Pipeline Inspection RobotsPipetel Explorer Pipeline Inspection Robots

Pipetel provides pipeline operators with vital data on the integrity conditions of their pipelines, allowing sound decisions to be made for the safe operation of pipeline assets.
The company uses its self-propelled and tetherless Explorer pipeline inspection robots to collect integrity data from pipelines that cannot be inspected by conventional inline inspection tools or other assessment methods.

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Benefits include:
• No interruption of gas services during inspection.
• Pipetel inspects 6- to 36-in. diameter unpiggable pipelines.
• High-resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Sensors measure metal loss.
• Laser Deformation Sensors measure deformations including dent and ovality.
• High-resolution cameras for detailed visual inspection.
• Hetailed actionable customized reporting.
For more information, visit pipetelone.com.

T.D. Williamson MDS with SpirALL MFLT.D. Williamson MDS with SpirALL MFL

The Multiple Dataset Platform (MDS) employs multiple technologies, on the same tool, to overcome the limitations of individual inspection technologies. The platform includes deformation, high field axial magnetic flux leakage (MFL), Patented SpirALL MFL, low field axial MFL and XYZ mapping.

Each technology on the platform provides a unique assessment of an integrity threat. For example, the low field MFL can provide primary detection of hard spots, high field MFL can confirm and SpirALL MFL can identify any crack-like defects within the hard spots. In addition, the data collected by the MDS platform is captured, synchronized and analyzed in a single software, providing a unique comprehensive assessment where one, two, or even three technologies may not be sufficient to detect, characterize, size and prioritize given integrity threats.

The MDS platform, engineered by T.D. Williamson, has been used to detect integrity threats such as hook cracks, lack-of-fusion, selective seam weld corrosion, mechanical damage and axially extended metal loss. As a result of this innovative technology, pipeline operators are looking to the potential of MDS to help solve detection and characterization challenges with a variety of additional integrity threats.
For more information, visit tdwilliamson.com.



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