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Pipeline Equipment Spotlight: Trenchers

The following are the latest and greatest in trenchers, for all your heavy-duty pipeline installation needs.

Ditch Witch HT275 Trencher

Designed specifically for heavy-duty trenching, the Ditch Witch HT275 trencher prioritizes productivity and increases year-over-year return on investment (ROI) on water, sewer, gas, power and underdrain installations, pipeline distribution and other large trenching tasks. While it adapts to a broad range of trenching jobs, the unit is optimal for utility installations up to 10 ft deep and 26 in. wide.

A Cummins 275-hp (205-kW) Tier 4 engine powers the HT275 through diverse jobsite environments with ease. The unit’s hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with an infinitely variable displacement motor enables operators to quickly adjust chain speeds to acclimate to soil conditions.

Four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks and a modular design allow for rear attachment changes without heavy lifting equipment and reduce the time it takes to change attachments. Further improving uptime and reducing maintenance, the trencher has a one-piece, fully opening hood and patent-pending removable track frames.

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For more information, visit plmcat.com or ditchwitch.com.

Eagle 7500 Wheel Trencher

Eagle 7500 Wheel Trencher

The Eagle 7500 wheel trencher is well-suited for pipeline construction and utility applications. If offers a max cutting depth of 7 ft, and a cutting width that ranges from 24 to 40 in.

The Eagle 7500 features a Cat C7.1 Tier 4 Final diesel engine rated at 275 hp. It offers all hydraulic drives and GPS compatibility. The 7500 comes with X156 Dirt Teeth, Cat D4 Size U/C, 24-in. SG track pads and 30-in. by 8-ft conveyor. The Eagle 7500 weighs 56,000 lbs.

Built in California since 1988, Eagle Trenchers are among the most advanced wheel trenchers available, incorporating more than 60 years of wheel trencher experience with the latest technology. With 10 models, Eagle Trenchers offer a variety of solutions for all underground applications, including pipeline, utility, irrigation, drainage, foundation and canal construction.

For more information, visit eagletrenchers.com.

Tesmec 1475 EVO

Tesmec 1475 EVO

Continuing a long tradition of well-designed and well manufactured machines, Tesmec USA trenchers are marking territory in Texas and Oklahoma supporting the oil and gas pipeline industry.

As technology advances, Tesmec has adapted with evolution. Recently placed machines in the pipeline territories, include powerful engines, GPS technology, quality cabins with air conditioning and heating, comfortable seating and clear sightlines to view the project from all angles for safety while in progress.

Tesmec has effectively provided a solution for the customer with the TRS 1475 EVO machine. A major factor of this solution is the 1475 EVO slower chain speed and the multiple attachment feature, to change to a surface mining machine.

The 1475 provides new technology which incorporates a hydraulic excavation transmission and new flywheel gearbox which allows the user to gain full power of excavation while operating at a slower chain speed.

Results include higher productivity in hard and solid rock found in West Texas, decrease in teeth consumption over the life of the project, higher efficiency in shorter time frame; getting the job done faster and overall less fuel consumption per excavated cubic foot than previous models produced.

For more information, visit tesmec.com.

Trencor T16 Trenchers

Trencor T16 Trenchers

The Trencor T16 series trenchers are the latest in new trenching technology for pipeline and large utility installation. The tier 4 T16-60/950 cuts a max width of 60 in. and packs 950 hp from a CAT C27 engine. Trencor trenchers are known for being the only mechanically driven chain trenchers in the industry. The slower chain speed of a mechanical trencher gives the tooth time to fracture the hard rock and can reduce tooth wear.

The T16-60/950 offers a new electronics package, a digital operator display in the cab, load control software that optimizes chain speed and pressure for the most production, PinPoint telematics, and optional cameras in the cab to increase operator visibility. The PinPoint telematics package enables the rig to gather, log and transmit real-time operating data used for predictive maintenance, reporting requirements or overall optimization of trenching operations.

Already a proven workhorse in the hard rock of Texas, the T16-60/950 is ready for your next pipeline or large utility installation.

For more information, visit trencor.com.

Vermeer T1155 Commander 3 Trencher

Vermeer T1155 Commander 3 Trencher

The Vermeer T1155 Commander 3 track trencher is ideal for rock trenching applications with its heavy-duty construction design, 540 hp (402.7 kW) turbocharged Caterpillar C15 ACERT Tier 4 Final engine. It has a chain speed range of 306 to 492 fpm (93.3 to 150 m/min), a cutting width range of 28 to 42 in. (71.1 to 106.7 cm) and can accommodate booms ranging in size from 8 to 16 ft (2.4 – 4.9 m). The onboard Vermeer SmartTEC electronics control system helps maximize the machine’s performance by assisting the operator with making adjustments, as well as monitoring and recording the machine’s performance.

The Vermeer T1155III trencher also features an elevating rollover protective module cab with Lexan glass, filtered and pressurized air, heating and air-conditioning. There is also a sectionalized bridge option available for the trencher that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of digging depths.

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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