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Pipeline Equipment Spotlight: Right of Way Clearing

FAE PrimeTech PT-300 Tracked Carrier

The PrimeTech PT-300 is a mid size tracked carrier designed for medium to heavy duty forestry and land clearing work. It is well known globally for its outstanding performance when it comes to productivity, maneuverability, reliability, low ground pressure and comfort.

Now available with a Tier 4 engine, the PT-300 features a robust and fuel efficient Cat C7.1 Acert 7 l turbocharged and aftercooled engine with 6 in-line cylinders, producing 302 hp. The engine compartment features two large side doors on each side and a strategic layout of all components, hoses and wiring harnesses that allows for quick access to every single part and easy cleaning and maintenance.

The cabin offers second to none operating comfort with lots of space, low noise, low vibration, ergonomic layout of controls, digital color displays, excellent visibility and more headroom. An oversized radiator features enough cooling capacity for hydraulic oil, air and water even at extremely hot temperatures. A range of front attachments are available for the PT-300, including our recently upgraded forestry mulcher, subsoiler, stump cutter, rock crusher and asphalt grinder, making it a very versatile and productive tracked carrier.

For more information, visit fae-group.com.

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Fecon FTX200 Mulching Tractor

Fecon FTX200 Mulching Tractor

The new Fecon Tier-4, Stage-5 compliant FTX200 Mulching Tractor with Power Management System offers unrivaled power and performance in the 200-hp class. Designed from the ground up, this newest Forestry Mulcher has design influence from the popular FTX600, providing big tractor features in a compact package. This low-ground pressure (4.2 psi) tractor features an oscillating undercarriage with 20-in. track shoes, providing balanced traction and impressive handling on all ground conditions.
A spacious cab features a panoramic view, air suspension and a heated seat for comfort. A larger, intuitive, touchscreen IQAN display, a large rear-view camera display mounted in line-of-sight on the front grid window, and keyless ignition with security, are provided for performance and control. With power, durability, size and production capability, the Fecon FTX200 is ideal for right-of-way and maintenance-of-way clearing.

Front mount lift height under cutting tools is 49 in., ideal for processing larger material and fast handling of multi-stem vegetation and precut slash material. Lift arm design and lift/tilt geometry provide 31 in. of below grade reach, for reaching into embankments. Push bar tines reach the ground, for working down slash piles or positioning material for processing by mulching head.

For more information, visit fecon.com.

Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer

Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer

Jarraff Industries has unveiled a new version of its Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer. The new Quad Track Jarraff features a four quad track undercarriage, an industry exclusive feature. The new quad track configuration provides an option that users in the right-of-way maintenance industry have not seen before.
The quad track design provides low ground pressure and excellent traction, as well as road-ability and maneuverability in a single machine. In addition to the extreme mobility, the new Jarraff features all of the latest upgrades that existing Jarraff models offer, including a patent pending rotating saw head design that allows the operator to rotate the blade assembly 180 degrees, another industry exclusive. The recently added touch screen information center gives the operator unmatched control, engine monitoring, high definition camera display and more. A Cummins 130 hp, Tier 4 engine meets all environmental emission standards and mandates.

The new Quad Track Jarraff joins the 4-wheel drive and LGP steel/rubber track models in providing a dynamic field of operation for tree trimming applications. A rotary manifold offers a 360-degree plus range of motion as a standard feature. The unit also provides lateral tilt and 75-ft cutting height. Two four-way joysticks and fingertip controls offer optimal precision.

For more information, visit jarraff.com.

Loftness Battle Ax Mulching Attachment

Loftness Battle Ax Mulching Attachment

Loftness has introduced new models of its Battle Ax horizontal drum mulcher designed specifically for skid steers. Featuring a new rotor, tooth design and exclusive two-stage cutting chamber, the heavy-duty Battle Ax is designed for highly efficient vegetation management, including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, forestry applications and more.

The Battle Ax is available with 61- and 71-in. cutting widths for skid steers with 50 to 120 hydraulic horsepower. Its 17-in. diameter rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time.

The Battle Ax rotor is optimized for use with all cutting tooth styles. Customers can choose from Quadco planer blades, hard-surface Quadco blades and carbide teeth. The cutting teeth are mounted to the rotor with a single hex bolt for easy removal on the jobsite. To further maximize performance, the Battle Ax features a two-stage cutting chamber, which allows material to be cut twice by the rotor and helps produce some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry. The primary shear bar is adjustable for customizing particle size.

For more information, visit loftness.com.

Rayco C275 Forestry Mulcher

Rayco C275 Forestry Mulcher

Perfect for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation across a wide range of environments, the powerful, mid-size Rayco C275 Forestry Mulcher delivers 275 hp in a compact, low ground-pressure package.

The C275’s 109-gpm cutter system provides hydraulic power to the Predator mulcher head, which boasts a 77.5-in. cutting width, while the heavy-duty steel undercarriage and powerful final drives allow operators to tackle difficult terrain with confidence. The C275 also will accept a DENIS CIMAF mulcher head. Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic temperatures within their limits in even the harshest of environments. To minimize maintenance, an operator can activate a reversing fan from the cab to clear the debris screens. The debris screens are easily removable when manual cleaning becomes necessary, and the rear door allows unrestricted access to the debris screen and engine radiator.

The climate-controlled cabs are sealed from dust and debris. Operators appreciate the high-backed, heated seat with adjustable armrests and air-ride suspension. For safety, the cab is ROPS, FOPS, and OPS certified and is equipped with a rooftop escape hatch. High-output LED work lights and a backup camera enhances rearward visibility

For more information, visit morbark.com.

Tigercat M726G Mulcher

Tigercat M726G Mulcher

Tigercat has released the newest addition to its off-road industrial line, the M726G four wheel mulcher. The M726G is a 370-hp class mulcher based on the extremely durable and reliable 726 series feller buncher, a machine that Tigercat has been manufacturing and refining for more than 25 years. The M726G is well suited to right-of-way, vegetation management, land improvement and commercial clearing applications.

Tigercat built forestry-grade axles provide tough off-road durability, and come in a wide variety of configurations supporting single and dual tire installations to maximize performance in tough terrain. A large attachment pump provides high flow to the mulching head, all important in mulching applications. The optional multi-function hydraulic package with quick attach boom adapter allows the M726G to be quickly converted from a mulcher to a feller buncher by swapping out the mulching head for felling saw.

The cross-flow cooling system delivers optimal airflow to high a capacity cooling package, essential in the typically high dust levels and extreme ambient temperatures experienced in southern U.S. summers. Other standard equipment includes a rear camera system and boom float system, allowing the mulching attachment to automatically follow the contours of undulating terrain.

For more information, visit tigercat.com.

Vermeer WC2500TX Whole Tree Chipper

Vermeer WC2500TX Whole Tree Chipper

The Vermeer WC2500TX tracked whole tree chipper is equipped with a tracked undercarriage to aid in maneuverability in the woods, boasts a compact design and packs a 600 hp engine to meet production demands.

The 20-in. high-mount tracked undercarriage makes this a fully mobile unit, allowing operators to efficiently and effectively move the machine around jobsites without the need for additional support equipment. The D4 undercarriage is designed for tough jobsite conditions with high-mounting structures for nearly 29 in. of belly clearance and rising chain rollers for material cleanout. The tracks can be single or double grouser depending on the terrain of your operation. The whole tree chipper can be equipped with either the microchip drum that produces chip sizes between 1/8 to 5/8 in. or the macrochip drum that produces chip sizes between 5/8 and 1 ¼ in. The knife setup is quick and simple with knife position being set by two bolts — no babbitting needed, which makes changeout on jobsites easy.

The WC2500TX whole tree chipper is equipped with proven technologies including SmartCrush, SmartFeed and EcoIdle system. With SmartCrush technology, the machine can automatically increase down pressure when difficult material enters the cutting drum and adjusts variable-speed dual-infeed conveyor chains.

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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