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Pipeline Equipment Spotlight: HDD/Boring

The following are the latest and greatest in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rigs and boring machines, for all your heavy-duty pipeline installation needs.

Akkerman Inc.

Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system

Guided auger boring is the method of accurately installing pipelines on-line and on-grade using our Guided Boring Machine (GBM) system in conjunction with an auger boring rig to ensure bore accuracy. Guided auger boring contractors appreciate longer drive potential in ideal ground conditions, faster installations, smaller casing sizes equaling cost savings, and the ability to perform exploratory work before committing to the bore. Akkerman’s exclusive Guidance System provides bore accuracy of 1/4-in. at more than 400 lf, and the company’s newest Guidance System monitor can be configured for thrust and rotation pressure data logging and features a pilot tube counter. With available tooling options, the range of ground conditions and casing diameters in which our GBM systems will perform is more comprehensive than ever.

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For more information, visit akkerman.com.

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain directional drill

To help equip utility contractors with the latest technology for optimal drilling productivity, the Ditch Witch organization added the new AT40 All Terrain directional drill to its fleet. The machine’s raw power, provided by a 160-hp (gross), Tier 4 Cummins diesel engine, gives operators 20 more horsepower in a smaller footprint over competitive 15-ft drill-pipe models in its class. The unit also minimizes pipe-entry distance, providing operators increased drill pipe support as it enters the ground. The optimized carriage speed gives contractors class-leading cycle times for faster utility installations. It holds up to 600 ft of drill pipe onboard allowing for longer bores and increased ROI. The drill can install pipe in the most challenging conditions thanks to a patented two-pipe All Terrain drilling system that delivers more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class. The All Terrain technology also helps to increase mud flow and power.


Herrenknecht high-torque rotary drilling rig

Today, many pipeline projects are the focus of public attention because of their environmental impact and common safety concerns. Therefore, new technologies are needed and existing technologies like HDD have to be further developed to meet current project requirements. To open-up new opportunities for larger and longer HDD drills, Herrenknecht has developed a new high-torque rotary Drilling Rig with 500t (1,125,000 lbs) pullforce and a torque increased by 30 percent to 180,000 Nm (133,000 ft-lbf). Furthermore, the development of the downhole jet pump system for HDD allows drilling and cutting faster at lower cost and risk. As the drill pipe is used as the discharge line, the borehole can be kept clean and unpressurized, reducing the frac-out risk and for easier pipeline installation. Innovations and alternative methods, which partly come from the tunneling industry, are pushing the boundaries in pipeline installation in terms of feasibility, safety and eco-friendliness of pipeline installations. More than 50 Direct Pipe crossings in North America, further applications of the Pipe Thruster to assist HDD in pipeline pullback operations and new developments like the jet pump system for small diameter slurry microtunnelling paved the way for longer crossings even in small diameters.

For more information, visit herrenknecht.com.


McLaughlin Workhorse 225 auger boring machine MCL 225 auger boring system

The McLaughlin Workhorse 225 auger boring machine MCL 225 auger boring system is designed for long large diameter casing installations for pipeline, power, communications and water/sewer projects. The new Workhorse 225 is powered by a 214-hp Volvo tier 4 compliant diesel engine, and is equipped with 5-in. hex auger driving 1,200,000 ft-lbs of thrust and 126,000 ft-lbs of torque for big bore applications. New industry leading features in the area of remote operation and safety features, new robust “quick set” track design, and “Rabbit Drives” set this new machine apart from the rest.

For more information, visit mclaughlinunderground.com.

Michael Byrne Mfg.

Michael Byrne Mfg. auger boring machine

Michael Byrne Mfg. is recognized as the standard for rugged horizontal auger boring machines in the United States. The company was started in a garage in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1966 making Michael Byrne the longest continuous manufacturer of auger boring machines in the United States. Michael Byrne machines have been the choice for many record bores through hard rock and other difficult materials. A planetary gearbox with radial and thrust bearing made by Michael Byrne Mfg. provides extra protection and durability for the most critical part of the boring machine. Byrne makes a full line of products for the under-ground contractor from cutting heads for all types of material, custom machines, auger (up to 96-in. diameter), and HDD parts and supplies. Rental of machines, augers and cutting heads are available.

For more information, visit byrnegroup.com.


Vermeer D220x300 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill

The Vermeer D220x300 S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill has 242,100 lbs (1,076.9 kN) of thrust/pullback and 30,750 ft-lbs (41,691.4 Nm) of rotational torque. The D220x300 S3 has a high power-to-size ratio for its footprint of 38.7 ft (11.8 m) long and 8.5 ft (2.6 m) wide. This means the versatility to perform urban utility work, as well as pipeline installations up to 24 in. (61 cm) in diameter. The drill is self-contained with an onboard operator cab, rod stager, and optional crane and mud pump. The smaller footprint provides access to confined jobsites and reduces the need for support equipment. The available onboard Weatherford triplex mud pump has a maximum capacity of 350 gpm (1,324.9 L/min), provides sufficient flow of drilling fluid for large-diameter pipe pullback, and can efficiently power a mud motor for pilot bores in hard ground conditions. The D220x300 S3 HDD sliding-arm rod stager can stage five rods at a time, which increases boring efficiency. This drill also minimizes its footprint by utilizing a 20.3-ft (6.2 m) rod instead of the longer 34-ft (10.4 m) Range II drill pipe.

For more information, visit vermeer.com.

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