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Pipeline Equipment Spotlight: Crawler Carriers

The following Pipeline Equipment Spotlight features the latest and greatest in crawler carriers, for all of your jobsite hauling and transportation needs.

KATO IC37 Crawler Carrier

KATO IC37 Crawler Carrier

With four models of various weight and capacity class, KATO is a leading manufacturer in the crawler carrier market. This rugged line of tracked-chassis work-horse machines move men and equipment to where they need to be when it matters most.

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While the standard chassis is outfitted with a material vessel, these versatile machines are for so much more than moving earth. Operators can customize their crawlers to meet any guideline or specification. Work with KATO’s dedicated team to outfit your crawler as a digger-derrick, personnel carrier, aerial work platform, tanker, crane or other tasked machine. In addition to the application outfitting, KATO offers customization with a range of useful accessories, such as a winch, to make sure you get the job done.

KATO’s line ranges from the 6,415-lb IC37 to the 31,085-lb IC120, with a model to meet any size or payload requirements your job demands. With more than 25 years of industry experience, you can be confident in the knowledge and abilities of KATO Compact Excavator Sales. Additionally, as a family-owned and operated business, KATO-CES seeks to offer unsurpassed service before, during and after the sale.

For more information, visit katoces.com.

Morooka MST2200VD Rubber Track Carrier

Morooka MST2200VD Rubber Track Carrier

Built in Ashland, Virginia, by Morooka USA, the MST2200VD rubber track carrier is powered by a robust, powerful Cat C7.1 250 hp T4-final engine. Whether it is used for transporting mats, personnel or other tools or equipment, the maximum payload of 24,255 lbs makes the MST200VD a workhorse in the pipeline construction and maintenance industries.

The MST2200VD features a heated and air conditioned ROPS-certified cabin, backup camera, video information display, remote mirror and easy-to-use joystick control.

The MST2200VD comes direct from the factory with a choice of tailgate-equipped easy-flow dump bed, flatbed, or no bed. All Morooka rubber track carriers feature hydrostatic transmissions and come with a one year, 1,000-hour warranty.

For more information, visit morookacarriers.com.

Prinoth Panther T8

Prinoth Panther T8

The powerful Panther T8 crawler carrier is among the most versatile rubber-tracked crawler carrier available on the market. Just about any implement can be outfitted to its 34 in. (860 mm) truck-inspired chassis with little to no modification.

The T8 carries up to 16,000 lbs (7,260 kg) of heavy equipment, materials and supplies to any worksite while exerting very low ground pressure. With its two-person cab, large deck space as well as ease of implement installation, the T8 is locked and loaded to perform without fail in mining, electric and utility, and of course, in the oil and gas sector, from pipeline construction to right-of-way maintenance, in the middle of nowhere or within city limits.

PipeLine Machinery (PLM) is Prinoth’s distributor for all of North America in the pipeline sector.

For more information, visit plmcat.com/pipeline-equipment/panther-carriers and prinoth.com.

Terramac RT9 Crawler Carrier with Weld Deck

Terramac RT9 Crawler Carrier with Weld Deck

Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is well-known for its versatile units that accomplish many tasks along the right-of-way before, during and after pipeline installations. The Terramac RT9 with weld deck is just one of the many carrier customizations pipeline contractors have come to depend on.

The Terramac RT9 with weld deck is an all-in-one pipeline equipment solution designed for installing and repairing pipe on rugged or remote right-of-ways. The RT9 carrier boasts a large 18,000-lb carrying capacity that easily accommodates two diesel powered welding systems, which includes: leads, extension cords, oxygen bottles, acetylene bottles, grinding equipment and compressor stations. The RT9’s 225-hp Cummins QSB 6.7 T4F diesel engine and two-speed hydrostatic transmission supply the power and torque necessary for both the carrier and welding equipment.

Equipped with rubber tracks, the Terramac RT9 exerts a minimal ground pressure of 6.4-psi fully loaded, making it ideal for travelling on loose and wet ground conditions where heavy, wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. Working in steep terrain and wet weather can make challenging jobsites nearly impossible; however, the flotation from the rubber tracks allows the unit to climb rugged terrain with reduced slippage despite adverse ground and weather conditions.

For more information, visit terramac.com.


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