... Bent into Shape: Pipe Bending Machines Give Shape to Pipelines

Bent into Shape: Pipe Bending Machines Give Shape to Pipelines

No pipeline is a straight shot. To bend steel pipe to the will of the approved route, pipe bending machines provide an essential step in pipeline construction. With high-strength steel becoming more popular to keep pace with higher pressure pipelines, pipe bending machines need to be up to the task. The equipment is well known in the industry for its durability — some machines have been working for 20 or 30 years. The machines you see here can handle a wide range of pipe sizes and strengths and will keep working for the long haul.

CRC Evans

10700 East Independence • Tulsa, OK 74116 • sales@crc-evans.comcrc-evans.com

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CRC EvansAbout the Company: For more than 80 years, CRC-Evans has provided equipment and services for virtually every aspect of onshore and offshore pipeline construction. CRC-Evans maintains comprehensive pipeline equipment solutions that include, but are not limited to: automatic welding machines, pipe-bending machines, ditch-padding equipment, pipe handling and support equipment, pipe facing and beveling machines, and internal line-up clamps.
We manufacture equipment in Tulsa, Oklahoma within a High Quality Management System that is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and includes CRC-Evans’ own quality policy.

CRC Evans specs

DMI International

DMI International Inc. • 15715 East Pine St. • Tulsa, OK 74116 • (918)438-2213 • dmiinternational.com

DMI InternationalAbout the Company: DMI International is a world class company dedicated to manufacturing, marketing and supplying construction and maintenance equipment to the pipeline industry since 1977. DMI products include hydraulic pipe bending machines, hydraulic and pneumatic internal lineup clamps, hydraulic and pneumatic wedge mandrels, roller cradles, and hydraulic pipe facing machines. Our staff of engineers have updated and refined all of the DMI products throughout the years. The product strategy at DMI has always been to manufacture a complete line of pipeline bending equipment providing contractors and energy companies turnkey bending capabilities.

DMI International specs

Darby Equipment Co.

2940 N. Toledo Ave. • Tulsa, OK 74115 • (918) 582-2340 • sales@darbyequip.com • darbyequip.com

DarbyAbout the Company: Formed in 1982, Darby Equipment is transitioning to a third generation family-owned business with Bobby Darby serving as vice president of sales and Ryan Darby serving as vice president of operations. Bob Darby is president and Nick Minden serves as chief financial officer, rounding out the management team. From the beginning, Darby has kept its focus on maintaining the highest standards for customer service, engineering and manufacturing. Consequently, Darby products including hydraulic pipe bending machines, mandrels, roller cradles, pneumatic lineup clamps, pipe facing machines and pipeline supplies have earned a reputation for dependability and value around the world.

Darby specs

Superior Mfg.

16031 East Freeway • Channelview, TX 77530 • (800) 383-2666 • pipeline@wwmach.comwwmach.com

superiorAbout the Company: Superior Mfg. is the manufacturing division of Worldwide Group, a family of companies servicing the energy, infrastructure and mining industries. The company manufactures a wide range of pipeline specialty equipment including pipelayers, padding machines, pipe benders, vacuum lifts, welder tractors, pipe carriers and a wide ranges of accessories. The equipment is distributed by Worldwide Machinery Pipeline Division.

superior specs

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