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Permian Basin Event Highlights Shale Production and Infrastructure Challenges

The Permian Basin’s crude oil, NGL and gas production has reached the highest level since the 1990s, with new shale plays such as the Cline continuing to drive production volumes.

Both producers and midstream operators are urgently seeking the most efficient takeaway infrastructure solutions for taking Permian products to optimally priced markets. More pipeline projects are being planned and now railroads are being hailed as the next transportation method to allow producers to take advantage of oil price differentials by moving crude from inland oil fields to coastal refineries that pay higher prices.

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Examining pipeline and rail solutions for overcoming short-term takeaway challenges and forecasting how new infrastructure will impact pricing will be a key focus point at the second annual Permian Basin Markets & Takeaway Infrastructure Congress, June 26-27, in Houston. The event will build communication among E&P, midstream companies and refiners operating in and around the Permian Basin.

Attending the congress will help industry professionals identify optimal markets for crude oil, NGL products and natural gas, identify the most efficient takeaway options for taking them to the most lucrative markets and drive forward infrastructure build-out.

Over two days, all the major players from E&P and midstream will gather to deliver the latest crude oil, NGL and gas production profiles, the latest timings, capacities and locations of pipeline takeaway, crude-by-rail takeaway and processing infrastructure.

Speakers and delegates will have the opportunity to communicate with the refineries to assess the quality and quantity of products being accepted and evaluate both micro and macro factors affecting midstream investment to mitigate risk in new ventures and enable the more rapid development of infrastructure.

Presentations will focus on the following key areas:

  • PRODUCTION FORECASTS: Quantifying how production from established and emerging plays such as the Cline will impact demand for existing and upcoming midstream capacity.
  • CRUDE PIPELINE & RAIL TAKEAWAY: Delivering the latest construction plans, timelines, directions and capacities of crude pipeline and rail projects to forecast the availability of crude oil takeaway.
  • PRICING & MARKETS: Assessing how an increase in crude production and takeaway infrastructure will affect pricing and how to reach high prices for oil as the refineries become more saturated.
  • REFINERY CAPACITY: Identifying where to market crude as the Gulf Coast and Cushing refineries move towards saturation.
  • GAS TAKEAWAY & MARKETING: Delivering long haul gas pipeline, gathering and processing capacity updates that can drive down the costs of transport and ensure dry gas can be marketed at profit.
  • NGL MARKETS: Hearing the latest fractionation and pipeline plans for NGL and identifying downstream markets for NGL products.

For more information about the Permian Basin Markets & Takeaway Infrastructure Congress or to register, visit www.permian-basin-markets-2013.com.

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