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Ohio’s Shale Play on Display at Cleveland Event

OOGAThe third annual Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Oilfield Expo confirmed the Utica shale is the real deal. More than 1,600 attendees made their way to Cleveland’s I-X Center for the region’s premiere oil and gas industry event, which was held Dec. 3-5, 2013. The prior year, OOGA was impressed with 124 vendors registering to exhibit and support the event. This time, the number grew to 212, clearly showing the confidence companies have in the play and Ohio’s growing industry.

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What the association is really proud of is the attendance of both local labor and chamber leaders from across the state. Seeing how important shale development has been to their communities and local economies even diverse groups like these know the value of working with Ohio’s growing and ever changing oil and gas industry. The International Operating Engineers Local 18 out of Cleveland was the event sponsor showing just how dedicated they are to working with their industry partners.

Also great to see this year was the high attendance numbers representing folks from the general public who wanted to learn about the industry. Some of those who attended may have been looking for opportunities others just to get a glimpse into the world they read about almost every day in the newspapers.

While vendors were able to network and make new business contacts, they and attendees could also get an update on the industry through the event’s Fall Technical Conference and Oil and Gas Symposium. With the Ohio Department of Natural Resources recently approving the 1,000th Utica shale permit, there is a lot to be discussed. OOGA’s vice president of operations, Peter MacKenzie, gave an update on permits, locations and the state of the Utica play; Brent Breon of Blue Racer Midstream provided an update on midstream operations in the region; and James Halloran, an energy analyst provided insight on the anticipated future of the state’s oil and gas industry.

The next Oil Field Expo is schedule for Dec. 2-4.