... Northern Pump Releases New Crude Oil Injection Pump

Northern Pump Releases New Crude Oil Injection Pump

Northern PumpIn the effort to meet the growing demand for high pressure pipeline injection, Northern Pump, a division of McNally Industries Inc., has introduced the Northern 5400 crude oil injection pump.

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The 5400 will sit alongside the full line of Northern crude oil booster pumps and provide end-users with a reliable, cost effective solution to mainline crude oil injection application.

Northern Pump has enjoyed a long history in the oil and gas industry. The rugged design and adaptability of the 5400 gear pump efficiently pumps crude oil and other hydrocarbons. The all steel housing is a key design feature that allows customers to operate safely at discharge pressures up to 1,200 psi and the tight internal clearance in each 5400 pump allows for superior volumetric efficiency.
Among many other applications, the 5400 is designed to be installed as mainline boosters at the end of a lateral containing multiple LACT units. As the LACT units come on and off line, the flow varies and can historically be problematic to traditional booster pumps such as centrifugal or progressive cavity. The Northern 5400 handles the variable flow and injects the crude pulse free into the main transmission line.
The Northern 5400 can be installed as modular, skidded units in parallel to meet the variable flow demands. The new pump’s design eliminates or greatly reduces the typical consumables to be replaced such as the packing, seals, valves, stators and elastomers contained in a reciprocal and progressive pump, thus reducing or eliminating maintenance costs.

As the regional oil plays become more mature and the pipeline pressures increase, the Northern 5400 Heavy Duty Rotary Gear Pump provides the discharges pressures to meet the ever demanding duty conditions.

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