... New Technology Aids is Locating Shale Natural Gas

New Technology Aids is Locating Shale Natural Gas

A new technology could help companies searching for natural gas in shale plays. WellDog Pty Ltd. has collaborated with Shell International Exploration & Production Inc. over the past 18 months to develop a new technical service for locating natural gas and natural gas liquids in shale formations.

WellDog LogoThe two companies undertook a laboratory and field development program, leveraging WellDog’s patented downhole Raman spectroscopy technology and Shell’s geochemical and petro-physical experience in shale gas evaluation.

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The new service is directed at identifying the locations where natural gas and natural gas liquids occur in shale formations, allowing producers to focus development efforts, reduce drilling costs, optimize production and reduce the number of hydraulic fracturing stages and associated water usage.

Shell is now leading beta trials of the technical service that is being developed from the program.

WellDog (trade name of Gas Sensing Technology Corp. and its subsidiary WellDog Pty Ltd.) is a privately held, energy-focused technical services company that developed its own patented, proven Reservoir Raman chemical sensing systems to provide commercial reservoir analysis services for coal, gas, alternative and conventional resources.

Building on the strength of those services and the company’s world-wide customer focus, WellDog now provides several technical services to the shale gas and oil, coal bed methane, coal mining and conventional oil and gas industries including gas testing, permeability testing, downhole pump and reservoir monitoring systems, production optimization and environmental monitoring services.

The company has offices in Laramie, Wyoming, and in Brisbane and Roma, Queensland, Australia.

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