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New Low PSI Vehicle Aimed at Oil, Gas Industry

Prinoth and Vanguard Equipment Inc.

Prinoth and Vanguard Equipment Inc.

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM-Cat) has announced the release of the Panther T8 by Prinoth. The Panther T8 operates in off-road and various weather conditions offering exceptional performance and versatility in mining, construction, oil and gas as well as electric utility sectors.

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From construction to right-of-way maintenance, in the middle of nowhere or within city limits, the Panther T8 has the toughness, tenacity and reliability you need in a crawler.

The Panther T8 is the newest low ground pressure vehicle with features that include:
• Cat C7 ACERT engine model, producing 225 hp.
• Highest payload capacity in its class.
• Two-person cab option.
• Large deck space.
• Safety: Standard roll over protection structure (ROPS); optional falling object protective structure (FOPS)

The suspension of the Panther T8 includes large wheels for better stability, a dynamic track tension, and oil bath type wheel hubs that prevent freezing. The off-road capabilities are determined by the Panther T8 crawler’s traction, which is a thread pattern allowing for side hill grip and no damage to pavement, and a low ground pressure of 4.09 psi. The ground clearance, torque pull ratio and length versus the width are also contributing factors for the machine’s ability to go where you work, no matter where that is.

Working with Prinoth and Vanguard Equipment Inc., PLM has three custom equipment options available for the Panther T8:
• Crane and flat deck with removable sides.
• Weld deck to include continuous powered welding and canopy.
• Dumper box.

The crane/flat deck and dump box options are immediately available. The weld deck with canopy option will be available June 2013.

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