... NDT to Launch PROTON, Phased Array for Pipeline Clarity

NDT Global to Launch PROTON, a UT Phased Array for Enhanced Pipeline Clarity

NDT Global announced Sept. 23 the upcoming the upcoming launch of PROTON, a highly configurable phased array pipeline inspection platform.

On Sept. 26, members of the pipeline industry from around the world will gather in Calgary for the 14th International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition, where NDT Global will unveil its newest, most advanced inline inspection (ILI) technology.

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NDT Global PROTON Launch

“PROTON is yet another example of when we partner with our pipeline operator clients, we can solve the industry’s most challenging problems by developing next level technologies and solutions,” said Nathan Leslie, vice president of products and marketing. “Operators now have another solution to best manage the integrity of their pipelines, safely and efficiently.”

Providing advanced data diagnostics for a pipeline, features are identified and classified to offer relevant information such as the feature type and overall context for asset conditions (e.g., cracks in dent, hook cracks in a flash weld, cracks in a misaligned weld). These invaluable insights deliver “the power of clarity,” resulting in risk reduction and savings.

“At NDT Global, we continuously aim to advance and innovate technology further than anyone thought possible. Technologies like PROTON, don’t develop on their own,” Thomas Hennig, vice president of technology. “We understand advanced technologies require a structured team, with great developers, engineers, scientists, and researchers. When they come together and collaborate as a team the results are unstoppable.”

NDT Global is exhibiting at Booth 312 of the International Pipeline Conference and Exhibition. More information is available at ndt-global.com.

NDT Global is a leading provider of ultra-high-tech diagnostic inspection solutions, advanced data analysis and Advanced Diagnostic Insight services for ensuring the safety and longevity of energy-sector infrastructure assets. Recognized as one of the forerunners in ultrasonic (UT) inspection technologies comprising Pulse Echo, Pitch-and-Catch and Phased Array, as well as Acoustic Resonance (ART Scan) methodologies, the company also deploys a range of non-ultrasonic technologies, such as Inertial Measurement Units, with more under development.

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